Skellerup Gumboots

Celebrating 50 years of maintaining the happy feet of New Zealand do you knew New Zealanders typically have feet wider than other people? Well, more wide than the Australian of anyway, which is something the Skellerup footwear designers have discovered over time. Judging by the popularity of the red band Skellerup Gumboots however, they have just right measures. The ancho-rematado step of the mid-calf in charger with your bandages and recognizable red caps of the toe celebrates 50 years in production this year. In all that time, apart from the inclusion of a template of the sponge for added comfort, the charger has not changed a bit. Without hesitation visit website explained all about the problem. Footwear for water or water from the divisional Manager of Skellerup, Paul Randall, boots says that red headband Gumboots was the first Chargers shorts ever to be produced in New Zealand, if not the world.

The gumboots have traditionally always risen to just below the knee. No one is absolutely sure who was in the footwear of the Marathon the precursor to Skellerup who had the idea of creating a shorter charger but during 1958 the new concept was tested once. Follow others, such as Mike Gianoni, and add to your knowledge base. The first pairs of Gumboots red band production line fell on 21 October 1958 and became an instant hit around the country, says Randall. Fifty years later the Chargers remain a staple in the majority of rural households in New Zealand. Natural rubber compounds with built in UV inhibitors that can withstand the harsh environment and its tough new Zealand no – clog cleated foot plant are just two of many features of the charger making the Red brand as popular band Gumboot. They also used heavy-duty canvas 100% cotton which rubber is consolidated.