Vettel Achieved Pole Position

The German pilot returned to get to be the fastest in qualifying. Alonso will go fourth and will have to try a great start again. A serious accident of Sergio Perez in Q3 stopped the fight for pole. Hamilton has been sanctioned and exits ninth The grill of the race well remains. Germany’s Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) ended up with the illusion of the Spanish Fernando Alonso and Ferrari start from the front row and this Sunday will return to the position of privilege in the formation of output of a Grand Prix, this time that of Monaco.

Fernando Alonso was fourth at the end of a very eventful day and in which the Mexican Sergio Perez (Sauber) took the worst part, since he ended up in hospital, but without serious injury as he feared initially. In the morning free practice German Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) lost control of the car in the doldrums that are at the exit of the tunnel, where begins braking, and, after hitting the right side of the protection Rails, had the fortune of avoid guards that separate the loophole of the track in the variant of entrance to the port. In the afternoon, in the absence of two and a half minutes, Sergio Perez also lost control of the car at the same point. He also hit with the right side in the safety rails, but did not have as much luck as Rosberg and crashed sideways against the protections. The qualifying session was immediately halted while the attendances pulled the pilot from the remains of the car and he was being transferred, aware, Princess Grace of Monaco to be subjected to a deep appreciation hospital. Vettel had not appeared practically during the whole weekend, Fernando Alonso was fastest in the day on Saturday and at last free of the morning session. Even in the first two qualifying rounds of the qualifying session Vettel held leading positions, but in the third and final he managed to give a perfect lap, just before the accident of Perez, and marked a time of 1: 13,556 than anyone else I couldn’t believe and, less, capable of overcoming.