High energy six full convinced five local young bands in the sixth best of Mainova home game their fans and prepared a musical Potpourri at the Batschkapp. For the sixth time, there was still a premiere: with this October 2 the best of Mainova took place on a Friday home game for the first time. And so the competition in the bustling metropolis at the start of the long weekend exposed to numerous leisure activities. But good 600 fans crowding the city bustle defiance after Eschersheim. Convincing evidence of the success of the regional Festival evening, with only slowly sound out the idiot Ballroom DJs about three o’clock in the morning. Right at the beginning it went off fame. Crayfish from long showed how perfectly they already control the instruments of real rocker, and turned a tired-looking of the celebration Pack negativities of audience with her energetic sound of spring break. Which to salsa rhythms of Rene Moreno band with their musical world journey danced. Lakshman Achuthan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

The pop songs by Jana Josephina then struck a completely different tone knew how to delight with their radiance especially the mature male audience. The mood was pensive melancholy at the electro-pop songs by cargo city. By singer Simon Konrad skillfully presented, they drilled up punchy in the hearts of their fans. Not only vocally, the punk rockers of serum 114 offered to graduating then full body usage, and that. Their singer ash came close with a bold leap from the stage especially the legendary boards of the Batschkapp and stunned the audience with his hardness. Five bands who just know what they are doing, and have shown that they belong on such a stage. That was a wonderfully varied program: a completely successful evening, pulled a satisfied conclusion programme makers and moderator James a Valentine. Here at the Batschkapp, where I myself so many times have cheered others, to stand, while the audience slowly thaw and then finally rages on stage, that was an incredible experience and thrust, is properly radiates crayfish guitarist Patrik Westphal. An experience that has taken the musicians of all five bands drummer until the front woman in this energetic evening. All info at information