Wine Fairs Online

In the twenty-first century much has begun to change, and we do not receive letters, emails we receive, we will not travel agents, now buy our flights in the network, we no longer buy movies, now we share the Internet, many and so many things that have changed our behavior and habits of our companies. Broadband has been a huge revolution for the business world, to their way of communication and ultimately their way of doing business. Economic Cycles Research Institute recognizes the significance of this. Therefore Virtual Wine Fair has created a platform where buyers and sellers of wine can be found, and satisfy their mutual business needs. Sellers (wineries) have found a window to the world, which look out and showcase their products, so that thousands of professionals can access their products with a single click. By contrast, dealers have access to databases of products on sale, so it facilitates the discovery of new wines with which to conquer the local market. a, born as an application of a technique created hundreds Listing years, and based on the concentration of supply. At first provincial fairs were born in the Middle Ages, later national fairs in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and now the markets are international.

Virtual Wine Fair has transferred this concept to our days sales (e-market) and has succeeded in producing all parts of the world agree on a common place where they facilitate access to potential clients and thus enhance the chances of growth exports. All without having to endure a high cash outlay, such as when a store moves a physical exhibition. a This e-market has more than ninety wineries exhibitors from countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, South Africa, Lebanon, Uruguay, s etc who complete a list of over 500 wines ready for release, classified by their origin, characteristics and sales price to the dealer. We can find in the virtual exhibition pavilions occupied by four distributors, packaging companies, engineering firms, and appellations of origin to complete the offer of the fair. Virtual Wine Fair is the advancement of a coming change and to change the sales strategies of the wineries and how to notify them. Whether we like it or not, the business comes through the network, and the sooner we adapt better harvest.