Action Puzzle – Fun For The Whole Family

Puzzle landscape idylls was yesterday – now comes action puzzle Ulm, 07 August 2008 – Puzzle fans familiar with the problem: A puzzle is expensive and composed almost as soon as purchased. While there are countless online jigsaw puzzles on the Internet, but also they no longer provide the necessary kick. A new challenge has developed for Puzzlers zoneLINK: the computer program action puzzle. In each puzzle stone a portion of the video runs off, that applies to put it together into a whole. The puzzle of moving images is a unique game experience: it is always exciting, even if it has then a video already several times. In addition the deduction can be so easily train. As soon as one starts with the puzzle, the image starts to run but a video on the screen is divided into many parts.

As each part of the puzzle changes constantly, it is much more difficult as otherwise, the stones to create a whole put together look ideal for puzzle lovers, the exciting variety. And at the end of the personal favorite video beckons as a reward. Because with three different variants, the action speaks puzzles Janosch, classical and metal, the action puzzle quite different preferences at. Children and their parents, for example, can experience the world of Janosch Papa Lowe as entertaining puzzle. Four complete episodes by Papa Lowe and his happy children\”can be assembled it from puzzle pieces. Who has mastered this challenge, learns how Papa Lowe crafts an Aqua Park in the living room or how the children defeat a dragon with music. For assistance, try visiting Yitzhak Mirilashvili. Aimed at classical music friends, who want to experience different Opera, Ballet and concerts puzzle action classic. 19 works with a total length of over 78 minutes leave is puzzling, including excerpts from the magic flute, Nabucco, Swan Lake and the Concerto No. 1 in minor by Chopin.