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In addition, the Fund had prepared for publications in national and international publications 28 articles. If we assume that these materials have read only 5% of the total readership of the aforementioned media, it turns out that our audience monthly amounts to 2.9 million readers, including nearly a million Ukrainians. Fund 'First People' thank the editors of all newspapers and Web sites that publish our articles and materials. We also express special thanks newspaper Kyiv Post for their support and cooperation: all 19 issues of "protecting democracy" were published in the authoritative publication. We also thank all the readers for their contributions to the development of democracy in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, is gaining momentum political pressure and persecution came to power a new president in Ukraine has resumed the practice of political persecution. According to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, during 2010 were arrested on 8 Ministers and Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on charges of causing damage to the state amounting to 2.5 billion dollars for questioning by the Prosecutor General's Office regularly walks and she ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Presidential Administration stated that Ukraine is serious fight against corruption, both among the former, and among the current officials, so can not be regarded activities such as political persecution. However, evidence of their impartiality, no one has yet provided. At the same time, the U.S. and EU are definitely showing concern about the spread in Ukraine practice of political pressure and harassment. In particular, the U.S.

Warren Buffet Business

Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your endeavors and micro-enterprises. Specific about the level four in the classification of investors and some details about this group of people, very fundamental to the development of our businesses and ventures that we are acquiring financial education. I recommend you continue reading don’t forget that this article has been written based on the book by Robert Kiyosaki and which I recommend reading necessarily to apply everything of value that it contains topics of business and entrepreneurship. How I said on previous occasions and it is something that we must bear in mind by our financial future, this level 4 is not considered the level of large investors. () Please understand that this type of investor is not what you would consider as a big investor. It is far from it. KBS is likely to agree.

It is doubtful that invest in real estate, business, goods, or any other exciting means of investment. Instead follow the Conservative long-term strategy recommended by investors such as Peter Lynch of Fidelity Magellan Fund, or Warren Buffet. () – As already somewhat stationary and conservative attitude of this level of investors could be seen from the above characteristics. Nor are able to do so because of their fear (in other words, conservatism) to lose the money they have. -Do not have the sufficient agalas to continue learning about large investments and movements that are made in the market. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Economic Cycles Research Institute. It is almost more the same than the previous levels.

A Council of Robert Kiyosaki: If you are not yet a long-term investor, become one as soon as you can. Does that mean the above? It means that you should sit down and design a plan. Get control of your spending habits. Reduce your debt and liabilities. I say goodbye and wish you the best, remember keep getting education on business and investment for a better development and management of all your projects.

Legacy Of $ 3 Million

In America and Canada, this guy is almost a hero. The community on Facebook for 19-year-old Harris Moore Kolgona 90 000 fans, and T-shirts with his image can be purchased at all street stalls in New York and Chicago. About him going write a book and a movie. Colton – not an actor, although the great improvising. And not a scientist, although the level of IQ 160 – as Einstein.

On-the offender, and particularly dangerous, but never anybody did not attempt. Only an alien property. The boy drove expensive cars, airplanes, boats, plundered private houses and bars. On account of Colton over 70 offenses in the three countries, the amount of damage was about $ 3 million police hunted for him, the bottom, but he always paz ably escaped, leaving the scene of the crime only traces of bare feet. Colton and nickname – "barefoot bandit." He began stealing at age 7. His mother saw the father was a patient and a mental hospital once nearly strangled his son in time a family barbecue. For even more analysis, hear from Angus King . Colton ran away from home, with neighbors pulling blankets, clothing, food, and settled down a tent in the woods.

Then he started to get into the house to wash up and find food. The first time he was arrested in 12 years – while Harris-Moore had been in correctional facility for 10 days. Over time, theft was for Colton not only a way of existence, Noah entertainment. Making his way into the house, the guy was playing a computer game. He was so pleased to be a racer at the virtual reality that he once stole a private jet worth $ 150 000 in Idaho. "Barefoot Bandit" did not have time to really get off the ground as the aircraft crashed and disintegrated into pieces. Next object encroachment Colton – aircraft for $ 400 000 – waiting for the same fate. The Audacity of Colton deduced from the police themselves. May 30, 2010 at a veterinary clinic near Seattle, police found a humorous note, to which were attached $ 100: "I've got extra money. Use them to help animals. Colton Harris-Moore. " The authorities even promised to pay a $ 10 thousand to someone who helps out on the trail of bare feet. He was caught in the Bahamas at dawn on July 11 at the 13-meter yacht, which he stole a few days ago. According to eyewitnesses, the boy tried to escape, after throwing a water pistol, but was quickly caught. Now "barefoot bandit" is not a laughing matter – he could face 7 to 15 years in prison. Meanwhile, Colton fans have become even greater. On his Facebook page, they write: "He's a genius, you will let him free!" Source:

First Assistant

Yes, indeed, in October last year, before the start of the subscription campaign, the editorial staff foresaw worsening an already difficult situation of the enterprise, and therefore the question of subscription was solved with the first director of the "YUES." And only after it received "good", with peace of mind we have announced a subscription. At the same time, many former employees of the company, the now retired, as well as other benefit recipients, were very grateful management company for this opportunity to write "peaceful atom" with a tangible discount. – The "peaceful atom" was already home to many a newspaper – with the excitement building says veteran Ivan Nazar. – We receive and read it since 1978! It's frightening to imagine what can go without our newspaper. We wish you all the problems as quickly as possible poreshat.

Hold on! Similar requests were heard, quite literally, from all those who in Monday and Tuesday (when taken after the founder of the newspaper up, albeit belatedly, but still managed to print) continued to call the editor with the same question: "Where's our newspaper?" – Something must be done to make all efforts to shut down the newspaper did not – convinced our reader Larisa. – If your parent can not finance the "Atoms for Peace", then you need to look for other shareholders. Look how many political parties in the city, community organizations and entrepreneurs. I think together, on equal footing, they might have editors. Especially, your "product" in advertising and promotion does not need – "Atoms for Peace" has become a brand! Hang on, do not give up fight. We are with you! – You write with soul, with sympathy for ordinary people, you are helping us solve our problems, – says another our reader. – Does the city government, our MPs are unable to connect and help you do and about their work also write.

They even pay you for your materials? Or newspaper makes them free publicity? This is wrong! Newspaper – First Assistant authorities where pokritikuete, and where, and praise for the work. And residents should always be aware of all events. As without information? – Girls, I'm calling from Novokrasnogo – is heard in the telephone cabin male bass .- What happened, something I did not get a newspaper? What, do you got and crisis? I am so many years worked in construction, so moved after retirement to the village, and the relationship with the city through the "Atoms for Peace 'hold. And our guys too Aleksandrovka you are discharged. Similarly, no closing time? Well, I wish you success and health! I'll wait! – We are waiting for our newspaper! – This is a common mood of our audience, so friendly vskolyhnuvsheysya after emergency exit with a delay of the next issue of "MA". The editorial team will heartily thank all those who did not leave indifferent this alarming fact. And we sincerely hope that with the concerted support and faith in our readers' Atoms for Peace "will survive. Our expectations are supported by our founder and assurances that the newspaper company needs and that, despite the complicated financial situation, the management of OAO "Yuzhenergostroy" will find the necessary funds to finance its publication. We hope very well that this is very high-profile events will not remain without attention and MPs South Ukrainian city council. Perhaps it is now time to reconsider the policy of budgetary financial support for urban media outlets that regularly cover the activities of local authorities, thereby fulfilling the social order of our city residents.