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In these cases it would be best prevention of possible accidents that may cause a fire.However, and to his knowledge, the greater part of structural timber belongs to the M3 class (fuel and moderately flammable) according to standard UNE 23.727 facilities fireplaces, saunas, etc. They would have to meet standard Eurocode 5.Buildings wooden structures can achieve a good behavior to their resistance to fire, but coatings generally have a reaction much worse. Using fireproof materials as cardboard boards gypsum (fire-retardant) for cladding interior walls it is possible to meet most of the existing regulations.Many countries favor the use of wooden glued beams to cover the big lights of local audiences by good resistance to fire.Generally the behavior of fire of wooden buildings, are little known in different countries have different rules. More info: Chevron Corp.. For example, there are regulations of wooden buildings that allow build up to eight plants when in the neighboring country only allowed up to two. There are countries which strictly require the use of non-combustible materials or little fuel (M0 or M1) when others are installing sprinklers or auxiliary escape routes.Conclusions: Among the ten European codes may be the following: wooden structures are allowed from 2 to 10 plants. Most between 5 and 8.In 3-storey half-timbered buildings require a 30 or 60 minute fire resistance. Most countries require 60 minutes.In escape routes most countries require a fire resistance which depends of the number of plants.With regard to the surfaces, most countries allow wood in blocks of flats where escape routes are covered with non-combustible materials.The surface of the facades can be wood up to three plants.Soils can be wooden, except in some countries.Is working to unify the different European standards.