Business Navigation

ECompass business navigation with Comstors v. Under most conditions CEO John Watson would agree. 2 Berlin, April 6, 2009 for the optimal business navigation the Comstor sales team maintains personal contact competent professional advice. Also, the leading German Cisco value add distributor maintains a variety of excellent tools for sales business. One of them is Comstors eCompass. It is optimized for the specialized retail partners constantly in every way easy to use 24/7 tracking platform. It presents itself to date with many improvements in the usability and at the same time with increased performance.

Thus, the Comstor reseller get their handy online tool to query by ordering information and availability now in new version 2.0. About ComstorDirekt, the profiled value add online customer information system for all ad-hoc requests, is available round-the-clock. Berlin your valuable pre and post sales services provides to its partners, mainly by telephone, but the Comstor in a direct, high-level contact direct way also on the ground. The Comstor will partner with your own, personal contacts, all professionals who have at least a CSE certification, supervised and advised. Daily from 8 am to 6 pm, the sales team as the CCIE-led support team are accessible in Berlin. During this time, a separate technical hotline is also partners with certified technicians available. \”Just because the economic data announce changeable weather, at least we want to help the partners from our direct personal advice out in daily business stay the course\”, Joachim explains Brown, management of the Berlin Comstor.

\”Always available and time-saving tools such as our eCompass help the reseller.\” Fast wire for the project business designed to the requirements of the day-to-day work in the sale, serves Comstors eCompass trading for quick reference. Online queries check the entire stock of Westcon Group Europe along with their excellent logistics in three central warehouses. States create clear views of the Aufragsstatus to current orders and expected deliveries for sales and technology, especially when projects need to be checked quickly.