Company Demands

The table above presents the relation of the individual demand in a company. In it is demonstrated to 4 (four) prices of stoves different and also 4 (four) different ones in the refrigerators and frzeres the reduction was of 10% for 5%, in the machines to wash of 20% for 10%, in the stoves of 5% for 0%, in the tanquinhos to wash clothes was of 10% for 0%. The reduction of the IPI according to Jorge Herzog 2, executive Director of the Group Bread of Sugar, was that: In view of all the products> benefited for the reduction of the IPI, the sales 20% had gone up, and the prices had fallen between 8% and 13%. The stoves had been who had been more distinguished, with high of 25% in its sales in relation the 15 (fifteen) a few days ago that the reduction of the tax had not happened still. According to managing of marketing of the Store Columbus, Thiago Baisch 3, ' ' The reduction of the IPI despertou the curiosity of the consumer, who was to the store to buy and to search preos' '. On the basis of the site G1 of, we can also say, that it had an increase of 25% in the sales in the Magazine store Luiza and the store Cold Point, that according to its director had an increase in the sales and an increase in the number of people who visit the store of the net in all Brazil. With this we can affirm that the great nets of Brazil had been the first ones to also feel the improvement in the movement in its respective store, registering an increase of consumers and a rise in the sales. Although the world-wide crisis not to have directly affected Brazil, it made with that it reduced the production and demand sufficiently.