Discount Coupons

More discount coupons for hotels MONTE.Get free! 10% with our tea discount coupons offer many facilities and advantages that you come with us this month of July. Already here have 25 discount coupons that we’re going to give away and already you can use them, from this moment. We give you these discount coupons for bookings through the website of hotels MONTE and with them you will get a 10% discount on the bookings that you make this month until July 31 for stays in our hotels Monte Carmelo and Monte Triana (Seville), Hotel Monte Malaga (Malaga) and Monte Conquero (Huelva). These are codes that you can apply: 95 93-PC-YF – WX-WY 97-SV-LX 9A-JX – 44 9 d-Z6-P9 9E-CZ-AE 9 H-UB-P1 9I-RI-LJ 9 M-LM-K4 9S-57-5V KY-FR-9Y 9Y-RT-7T 9Z – X 1 – 2 H A2 – MZ – 3D A3-S5-eg A8-SY-JY AA – 2R – KT AC-Z2-UP AF-KP-Z8 AR – 6 G-SH AU – S2 – 4 K AV-FJ-HB B2 – 1F – R1 B4-VP-V2 BD-14-6V to see how to apply discount codes access here: recalls that these codes are single-use and applicable on bookings only through our website. They are not cumulative to other offers or gifts that we have in force. These codes are valid until 31 July 2012, at any of our hotels.

Remember: our hotel in Seville Monte Triana and Mount Carmel; in the hotel Monte Malaga, one of the top four-star Malaga and in the Monte Conquero hotel, hotels one of the best located in the city Huelva Hotels. Here you have them. There’s no excuse to not come with us and start to enjoy the advantages that hotels MONTE puts in your hands for your rest and breaks. You will not regret these holidays!!