Employability: The Recipe For Success Of The Dutch Universities

Having completed a degree with good grades today at the same time means that it creates a successful start in professional life. The practical experience and the social skills of graduates are what’s wrong with this. In a study in the Netherlands, however, it is the goal to prepare students for the labour market and thus a high employability, so labour market competence to create. Succeed very well the Dutch universities. Additional information at Accenture supports this article. Employers find exactly the skills that they need to employ the person quickly there, where it is needed among graduates from the Netherlands. How the universities in the Netherlands achieve a high employability can be seen on the concept and the higher education system. All students have the opportunity in their study half a year to make a so-called minor, in which they specialise in one area.

Also the students arrive early with their future field of work in contact. A related site: Yitzhak Mirilashvili mentions similar findings. Such internships are intended in many courses already in the first semester. At the Employer of the respective industries to decide content of individual courses. The high practical relevance of the Dutch universities also shows that each course includes projects that are based on tasks in later professional life. More information about Empoyability and Dutch universities under../employability.html