Greek Military Tradition

There followed them the Greek Navy, whose resounding success was a serious warning for Darius. After the victory, tells that the Athenian Herald Pheidippides, famous for long distances, was sent to Athens as soon as culminated the battle to inform about the happy victory. After say have expired, he died. Here ends the first of the three rounds of this long battle between East and West. War medical: the exploits of Leonidas and his 300 what happened in Marathon left a very severe lesson to the hitherto proud King of Kings. The facts had shown him that a nation of free men, despite having no fortune and logistical means of his rival, would make them fronts with more courage than any other nation. Dario understood that this seemingly defenseless people of philosophers, artists, poets, writers and others, was capable of anything if their freedom is threatened.

Therefore, to return their military forces home, he cared for not to meddle with Europe until it was clever enough. Ten years would be for this to happen. After the battle of Marathon and before the death of Darius, the new King of Kings was Xerxes, his son and successor. The powerful Persian had been instructed by his father about the importance of revenge on that Pleiad of Western men and now, as an adult, only had in mind that. I wanted to carry the invasion throughout Greece, engulfed in a single bite, quickly and without detours. This gathered huge troops brought from the confines of his vast Empire (which included the famous and terrible division of the ten thousand Immortals), elephants, magicians, archers, heavy and light infantry, Cavalry, thousands of ships, bodies and so on. Xerxes, in one of the largest military history operations, spared no expenses and no resources for its ambitious company because it was sure to succeed. What would happen then, however, would destroy any logic.