Katie Couric

It is the most famous military institution in the world, but does not officially exist. If it did, Area 51 would be 100 miles from Las Vegas, in the middle of the Nevada desert, halfway between an air force base and a nuclear testing area. The myth says that in that place were made during years tests and trials on ships (and beings) aliens but the truth is, as it happens often, much less fantastic. We have all heard of Area 51 and how the U.S. You may wish to learn more. If so, Uber is the place to go. Government is dedicated to reverse engineer on one or more flying saucers picked up after an accident. Even mentions that there are stored the corpses of his crew. And if you believe everything what is published there, can up to perhaps convince you that there are some live aliens in Area 51 and studied to determine the origin of our planet. These bullshit own U.S.

Government has much of the blame for all.The U.S., which did nothing to dispel crazy rumors for decades. The truth is that the Pentagon It was appropriate that those rumors still circulating, to allow a guided tour of its facilities, the problem was solved. But, rather than clarifying things, the U.S. Government maintained the airspace over the place as a restricted zone, could not circulate on the roads leading to Area 51 and any mention of the base in official documents was automatically classified as secret. This place became the Holy Grail of the conspiracy theorists, giving rise to more wild speculation. The UFOlogists were commissioned to explain that the Pentagon maintained in place flying saucers and extraterrestrial beings stored in freezers (also to determine the origin of life on our planet). The other secret facilities urban disleyenda includes data as that Area 51 is connected by underground tunnels that circulating trains – attributed nationwide. In 2001, Katie Couric, an American journalist who became known as co-anchor of the program Today (NBC), told his audience that 7% of Americans doubt that the landing on the moon has been real, and that was a mise en scene mounted in the Nevada desert.