Lance Atkinson

Said representatives of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Moscow’s 23 years old, originally, violated on several occasions federal law CAN-SPAM of 2003, which requires that companies that send advertising mail, use accurate e-mail addresses and correctly identify the sender. Assumes that Nikolaenko commanded about 2,500 e-mails daily, unwanted faking senders. Customers of the King of spam were Cyber vendors of counterfeit items or dubious services. Judicial authorities believe that the Russian is linked with the creators of a botnet, a robotic network, that the experts called Mega-D. This network, composed of more than 500 infected computers, was able to send 32% of all spam worldwide, or about 10 billion messages per day. Oleg went to the hands of the police as the result of a developed the FBI operation.

Its activity was tracked since 2007. Information about Nikolaenko was received the spammers arrested previously, Jody Smith and Lance Atkinson. According to federal data, in about 6 months the Russian received 459,000 dollars from Atkinson by advertise your production, but this is only a portion of their profits. Nikolaenko was arrested in November 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada State. According to the different positions that is charged it could be sentenced up to five years in prison.