New Zealand

Long ago, school children walking home from school, were detained here to pobarahtatsya, swim and home to the parents drove their children too late evening. Now this pond is surrounded by a nice fence and there no one bathes. On the surface, Bodi dancing bubbles, the water temperature rose to 70 degrees already. Source: matthew conley. I knew I was in Rotorua and the surrounding constant smell rotten eggs because of the presence of hydrogen sulfide hot springs and morally prepared to breathe for three days this yozduhom. But in fact it was not so scary and disgusting, the smell was not strong and not so bad as it described by those who have visited here.

Moreover, he bore little resemblance to the smell of rotten eggs, because there are many different mixed gases. People suffer in different ways stay in the area. Someone becomes ill, and they never here are not returned, but someone here is very good, and they tend to come more often in Rotorua. A stroll through the park over the geothermal first day of our trip. We are waiting for dinner at the motel, conversations and experiences lived day and sleep.

Little history on the first day. The first story. The story of a tip in New Zealand That building, which is now the museum has in the past and spas, in fact, is the second building, but the first was built and operated long before that. Came to be treated to a spa in Rotorua young, wealthy Englishman.