Real Estate State Registration

What is a cadastral passport. All information on real estate held state registration, systematized in the state inventory, which is a unique set of information about all real property in the territory of Russia. Not every day, citizens need information about them held by some or other real property rights. But without a cadastral passport, which is an extract from the State Real Estate Cadastre, can not do when you make a legacy gift or decoration purchase apartments, houses, house or land. In the cadastral plan of the building, construction, land specified real estate units, address, and all of its properties. Restaurant Michael Schwartz addresses the importance of the matter here. The concept of "cadastral passport of land" appeared to 01.03.2008. Before that was the cadastral map of land.

Contents cadastral passport property owner may or responsible person in the territorial administration Rosnedvizhimost. Cadastral passport consists of parts B1, B2, B3, B4. B1 main features of the site. This part contains the following information: inventory number, location (address), the category of land area, the cadastral value of land, rights information. B2-plan (drawing diagram) of land. Sam Feldman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. B3-information parts and encumbrances (if any). B4-plan parts of the site (if available). If the site is without parts and encumbrances, the cadastral passport will be composed of parts B1 and B2.

Compulsory land surveying, including deals with them, set aside the law "On State Real Estate Cadastre", which came into force on 1 March 2008. If the site survey has been conducted, then the inventory will be information about the boundaries of land and cadastral passport will be consist only of the section B1. This may not be grounds for denial of state registration of rights, but only if the contract is made in writing. Notaries to complete transactions with sites make cadastral passports only from surveying the results. Specific duration of cadastral passports of land law are not clearly regulated. By law, cadastral passport of land considered relevant as the data entered in it are true. Experts Legal Centre can help arrange a visit? Cadastral passport for all types of real estate in Moscow and Moscow.