Security Services

In Russia, began his first work center analysis of the market of security services. It was established on the basis of information-analytical department of the Agency security cedar for two reasons: 1) lack of information on market development of security services in whole because of its specificity, 2) the constantly changing situation in the economy in crisis. The purpose of the new structure – the provision of security services to market players in a crisis economy truthful information on the situation in the industry for future decision making. Objectives: The study of the major players in the market analysis of client needs and offer services in the protection market valuation of services (personal security, protection of objects of various types, conservation activities, freight forwarding) Regular compilation of information and analysis on the real estate market otchtetov introduction of security services market indicators and their regular updated on the basis of market monitoring is especially important the establishment of such organizations in adopting the law, radically altering the arrangement of everything in this business. Currently in Russia there are about 27 000 ChOPov, of which about 5,500 private security organizations are located in Moscow. The new law just the same aims, to reduce their number: will be amended to eliminate the security services as a type of security structures, the increase in share capital, tightening mode of storage of weapons (not a secret that is already impossible to get permission to arms) – this is due to the fact that half of the total ChOPov created for legalization to bear arms. According to the Agency's safety data, many small cedar security firms are actively seeking to mergers and acquisitions (market M & A). In many respects it is precisely because the managers these companies do not have information about the market. They are forced to merge to survive and deal with threats: – major market of security services – the economic crisis.