The Door

By the way, the actuators for automatic doors allow for quick and relatively inexpensive to automate existing swing doors. In this case, the door can be opened inwards and outwards, to the left and right. A drive can be installed and the door leaf, and on the lintel, and even under the floor. Swinging doors can be single-or double leaf. According to experts, the main disadvantage of swing designs – the door must remain free space to it. Entrance. 4 double swing doors with drives Tormax TDA with a remote control system (left), Swing door, automatic.

Company (right) In addition, as we have said, there are folding automatic doors. These doors are used as internal partitions in the rooms where you want good sound insulation. Automatic door folding design – more time-consuming and expensive than flat sliding or hinged door. And to make such a construction is cheaper, most manufacturers of automatic doors offer standard size folding doors. Therefore, the opening must, of course, conform to the required size of the door. Yet there are revolving (boring) car door. Depending on the diameter of the revolving door may have two, three and even four-fold.

The diameter of a door – from 2 to 6 meters. Revolving door – the most expensive design in terms of production and installation. On the other hand, it completely solves the problem of protecting areas from drafts, dust and dirt. And it is very reliable and durable design: last for at least 15-20 years. Turret (revolving) automatic doors as they do and how much will it cost? Automatic doors are always made to order.