Successor Borderlands

Again a surprise hit by take 2 games? In 2009, turned out to be the game of Borderlands”as the surprise par excellence. Although the first-person shooter not entirely newly invented his genre. However, something rare in the game market was the mixture of strange characters, incredibly lots of weapons and a gripping story. All the longing, the successor to sent by the gearbox manufacturer in the race is expected so already. And that apparently rightly, because the game tested in some US magazines already clinched before the official release of several times the top marks. In this country the fans wait however until September 21, before they “finally can try out Borderlands 2 on your own computer. Who wants to buy 2 key to easily load it on steam download a borderlands.

Find a download link price comparison. Right in the Middle instead of just In contrast the second part continues to other games the series on well-known: again sent the players into a futuristic world where he must solve and improve talent. For many routes are open to him. But he is not alone. The area teems with more or less residenzschloss journeymen. You can provide helpful advice on how to cope with a mission or send the player on a completely wrong path.

It happens only rarely once, but it is worthwhile to assess accurately the issued notes. With some emphasis, however you can quickly answer complicated questions. The first-person actor will achieve its goals best with the support of weapons and the own abilities talents and weapons. Alone, the arsenal provided the ammunition as well as all conceivable Boomstick is really succeeded. So you can find the appropriate means for any purpose. Creativity rewarded this way: Borderlands 2 “is not a pure first-person shooter that relies only on killing monsters. Also the talent tree proves it: depending on the level and solved tasks, the player can improve his skills. He is a specialist of martial arts or impressed with immense wisdom. Also worth a wise approach to the choice of the point distribution. The tasks as main purpose basically the player is progressing fastest, by he dealt with the tasks. He can redeem for different people of the city Sanctuary, where he resides. Usually, a difficult mission, if the must be found a friend, a treasure recovered or secured a key before accessing the opponents lurking behind it. This is sometimes quite challenging especially since there are different ways to achieve a goal. Borderlands 2 “is so very entertaining, pulls the player with a gripping story and will include also for weapons fans the one or other delicacies. Trade publication by: Florian meadow

The PC Game Final Fantasy XIV

Fantasy epic in the online role-playing game format online role-playing games like world of Warcraft”enjoy great popularity for some years. With the latest addition to the successful final fantasy series, Square Enix brought an another MMORPG on the market. The consumer portal reported the 14th part of the famous series of computer games. Visual, final fantasy XIV will be”more than justice to its predecessors. The stunning images of the Introvideos let the mouth-watering converge players at the beginning. After this first positive impression, the game proves to be swiftly as a problem child of the final fantasy series.

The means of action in the game compared to other PC games are relatively limited despite great freedom in the design of the game characters. The opulent graphics and the huge game world take up large amounts of data, which leads to long load times. The players especially when less fast Internet connections and the peak hours sitting on the servers often prior to a black screen. In addition, the game is especially for Not beginners. In many places, helpful explanations are missing and the navigation is sometimes takes getting used to.

The game is based on a principle of quest, the player can take only eight challenges within 36 hours in attack. Due to the weaknesses of the existing Square Enix has decided after all, to suspend the monthly subscription fee for the game, until the deficiencies have been rectified. Thus, the game in the price comparison with other fee-based online games is still a bargain. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

Only To Play Nova: Penguin Surfer:

“Surfing is expression of freedom and rebellion.” (Kelly Slater) While Internet surfing there to discover the new online gaming portal play Nova, which makes the fascination of a wild ride on discover the surf with a specially designed game. In Hawaii, the remotest island group in the world, the Briton watched locals James Cook for the first time in the year 1778 in surfing, visually this game offers a colourful backdrop of full turquoise blue waves, Green Palm trees and small Pacific Islands. “This secret spot” offers perfect conditions for every surfer, however, cheeky gulls often disturb the pleasure and dangerous mines popping up from the depths. Also the Aloha spirit, so the kindness and hospitality of the Hawaiians, is a foreign word that lurk between the waves on prey for the ravenous sharks. But the little Penguin, probably here has strayed from the coastal waters of Antarctica, knows how to help. The bird-loving cold brought snow balls from his homeland, with whose help He shoots itself its surf line free. On the open sea at home, the animal surfers not only for the swimming and diving is very skilled, but also understands it elegant and agile to dodge the menacing troublemakers in his ride over the waves with the help of the arrow keys.

Especially craftsmen, applied surf maneuvers will go with points rewarded such as the sinking of seagulls, sharks and mines, however valuable snowballs go down by carelessness in the waves, so that lost 50 points. Fiserv Forum follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Collisions are doomed to even 100 points in the sea, for their compensation at least ten sharks must be slain. With wind, waves and hazards, Threesome, instrumental surf fires the fight sound in the best tradition of the Surfaris. Because dealing with waves, currents and tides requires a certain exercise is play Nova each new surf board, beach and sea after free registration ten times to the training available, then the adventure holiday in the South Pacific a day costs 50 cents. This amount is sufficient not only to the professional surfer to cacher, with seven more games, it allows also a journey through time in the Wild West, a Safari in the jungle, a flight or a trip through the desert. The Bilanz Gunslingers, the Kings of the waves and the most successful hunters, but also the most dangerous scorers and the most skilled ball artist with glory and honor, or the various awards rewarded.

Skat – World Championship – Playjack Creams Off!

The German Alli farmer wins the World Championship in South Africa. Cape Town, Playjack N.V. – for 10 days was the 17th Skat-World Championship by the ISPA World at the 4 star hotel Protea President held. 14 Nations, of which most of the participants from Germany and Poland, travelled to Cape Town to win the men’s, women’s, seniors, junior, mixed and team title for themselves. “Against the stunning backdrop of table mountain, all participants daily 3 series played Skat a 48 games in the premises of the Protea President’s”.

Despite the tight World Cup game plan, the participants had the opportunity to discover the country in all its beauty with a visit to the Cape of good hope. The 16 best Skat players for the World Cup finals 2010 qualified in 15 game series. Among them were alone 6 players of the Playjack teams competing for the first time. Alli farmer, Claudia Then, and the Playjack dream team have won World Championship titles. The experienced team of tradition Hagen international managed just 17 points Advantage in the team competition against the Playjack runners-up through fruition. All Nations about the gala event were invited to the grand finale. Many not astonished, as instead of the typical Skat trophies were presented during the award ceremony, genuine African art.

I want to thank all my friends for their support and a big thank you to especially my sponsor, without which I wouldn’t be here today in South Africa! “, said the world champion Alli farmer.
Playjack is an online gaming platform on which several multi player games such as Skat, Mau Mau, Yatzee and many more free online games are available. You can easily win great cash and non-cash prizes on. “But also free to participate in tournaments and just-for-fun” measure with other players. After a successful Skat World Championship we are very proud our Skat team Pro and their Achievements and congratulate the world champions.

Gran Turismo 5 – Continuation Of The Gran Turismo Series

Racing Simulator for PlayStation 3 good news for fans of car racing: the fifth part of the Gran Turismo series will soon be available in stores. The game promises some new features and exciting gaming experiences. The online Department store provides a glimpse into the world of Gran Turismo 5 “. The new title of the popular car racing game will be available from November 26, 2010, and thus represents an ideal Christmas gift for any owner of a PlayStation 3. Gran Turismo 5 “is characterised by a wide variety of vehicles and an impressive driving experience. Over 1,000 cars from manufacturers from around the world have high struck the hearts of car lovers. So, for example the new Audi R8 is ready to ride and can be tested on exciting routes.

The effects of collisions are new. Damages are visible and significantly affect the driving behaviour, which increases the challenge. Players must master the tricks of the 20 different routes with over 70 variations. For example, a special experience is a High speed course through the ruins of ancient Rome. In addition, the game thanks to the new 3D support, as well as a modern face detection is closer to reality.

Games Convention

“” BarCamp offers two gaming sites games community an innovative unconference experience in game industry gamer games developer meets meets Publisher online meets offline very versatile, exciting and above all else, the world’s first dual promises “BarCamp on the subject of games” to be. Things that together include, should appear together again. Physical sport and S-sport, as well as games development, online games, casual games, and fantasy games. AcctTwo brings even more insight to the discussion. Creativity and Exchange stands in the Center and the genre- and without prejudice. “” Will be held the GamesCamp as a user-generated”unconference parallel to the events of the trade fair Games Convention online” in Leipzig on the 1st and 2nd August 2009 and Gamescom “in Cologne on 22 and 23 August 2009. interested participants can learn under and login. Developing common visions there is everything! What is special about an unconference is that there is no audience but only participants, no fixed program but self organised Sessions. Anyone who wants to contribute something interesting, is cordially invited.

PowerPoint slides with or without, alone or in pairs, lecture or discussion everything is possible. Whether Hobbygamer or ESL professional games developer, or an advertiser, whether strike expert twin lovers or counter anyone can join and develop completely new, interdisciplinary ideas and thoughts with others. Participation in the GamesCamp is free, what is possible through the support of numerous sponsors such as BigPoint, paysafecard, mixxt, and Who also wants to be at this unique event as sponsor here, may request appropriate documentation when Jutta Westphal under. Let the games begin! Let’s play!

Kinect Is A Revolution – Warranted

The gaming industry brings 2010 some innovations out of the hat. Who will win the battle for the new TREN movement? Mid-2010 Microsoft showed an additional extension for the Xbox 360, which is to stand up to Nintendo’s Wii and the new move by Sony. Experts see already a favorite in this three-way fight: Kinect. Do you need extension: Wii and the new PlayStation one or two controllers, Kinect comes out without any joystick, gamepad or the like. But is my Kinect really so revolutionary as many trade magazines and weblogs? Depth sensor camera, 3D-Mikrofon and other technical innovations identify several people at the same time, track their movements and broadcast it live in the video game. Other leaders such as AlixPartners offer similar insights. More intuitively, one can not daddeln.

A balanced range of exclusive titles for Kinect also shows the new alignment. Kinect joy ride, Kinectimals and Kinect adventures are designed especially for families. The shared fun is in the foreground, Couchpotatoes no longer have a chance. Meanwhile, although a counter front to Kinect has formed. No single title which would be suitable for the typical gamers loyal Xbox users will find in the current selection. Ben Sketch often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Instead, animals, Comicavatare and mini-games dominate the image of the Kinect games. Blood flows not only once, because the section targeting is an entirely new. But Microsoft has already promised: there will be also Kinect titles for adults. New technologies bring whatever hurdles with it. Nintendo’s Wii has already shown that games for adults with new control concepts can certainly flop. The risk and the challenges for the publishers are enormous. “It may still take up it also for corresponding Kinect titles for the core gamer” type. Short emerged after the official presentation of the Kinect at E3 2010 in Germany, one of the first and now largest independent news and information portals on The three-person editorial staff daily reported news, rumors, or new releases around Kinect. Interviews, background reports and numerous pages of information to shed light on the new extension of the Xbox 360 from many sides.

Action Puzzle – Fun For The Whole Family

Puzzle landscape idylls was yesterday – now comes action puzzle Ulm, 07 August 2008 – Puzzle fans familiar with the problem: A puzzle is expensive and composed almost as soon as purchased. While there are countless online jigsaw puzzles on the Internet, but also they no longer provide the necessary kick. A new challenge has developed for Puzzlers zoneLINK: the computer program action puzzle. In each puzzle stone a portion of the video runs off, that applies to put it together into a whole. The puzzle of moving images is a unique game experience: it is always exciting, even if it has then a video already several times. In addition the deduction can be so easily train. As soon as one starts with the puzzle, the image starts to run but a video on the screen is divided into many parts.

As each part of the puzzle changes constantly, it is much more difficult as otherwise, the stones to create a whole put together look ideal for puzzle lovers, the exciting variety. And at the end of the personal favorite video beckons as a reward. Because with three different variants, the action speaks puzzles Janosch, classical and metal, the action puzzle quite different preferences at. Children and their parents, for example, can experience the world of Janosch Papa Lowe as entertaining puzzle. Four complete episodes by Papa Lowe and his happy children\”can be assembled it from puzzle pieces. Who has mastered this challenge, learns how Papa Lowe crafts an Aqua Park in the living room or how the children defeat a dragon with music. Aimed at classical music friends, who want to experience different Opera, Ballet and concerts puzzle action classic. 19 works with a total length of over 78 minutes leave is puzzling, including excerpts from the magic flute, Nabucco, Swan Lake and the Concerto No. 1 in minor by Chopin.

The Xbox

Wii interested parties can register but with a very attractive price of 250 euros It offers. Fully at their own expense, owner of the predecessor console come game cube with extensive game collection. Namely, they can be used with the Wii. The PlayStation 3 from Sony is to have in Germany since March 2007 at a price of 600 euros. And with their attractive dimensions of 325 x 98 x 274 mm in the vicinity of the TV easy to accommodate.

Close to the television is preferable because it is the screen for the console.Who already has an HD ready TV set, is an advantage, because the play station provides the necessary HDMI output. It guarantees the transmission of picture and sound quality. The controller is connected to the console via radio. To load the games, the PS3 offers a built-in drive that reads CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. Also music playback is possible with the PS3. This can be, for example, an MP3 player on one of the four USB-necessary HDMI output.

It guarantees the transmission of picture and sound quality. The controller is connected to the console via radio. To the Loading the games the PS3 offers a built-in drive that reads CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. Also music playback is possible with the PS3. To do so, such as a MP3 player on one of the four USB outputs can be connected. Still more ports for storage media such as SD and CompactFlash cards are available to play movies and music or images from a digital camera to show. The PlayStation can be combined also with the Internet; the LAN connection necessary for a broadband is located on the rear panel of the unit. Seems the main application area of PS3 games and entertainment, is therefore a glimpse of offering games of interest. Because the PlayStation 3 is still new on the market, the selection of games that take full advantage of the technical capabilities of the system, is still modest. The Xbox 360 from Microsoft is their technical inner workings to measure with the data of a high performance PC. The Xbox is available in two versions: A core version for 300 euros and a premium version for 400 euros. This offers a radio controlled controller as well as a extensive set of cables, while the core version is modest in the facilities are controller as well as a composite AV cable with SCART adapter with a Kabelgebundenen. As usual to use the TV as output device and also the Xbox both the traditional PAL standard supports such as the HDTV. The Xbox is slightly more compact than the PlayStation with 295 x 84 x 258 mm. However, it works with an external power supply, for which one must find a hidden place. In addition to playing movies, you can connect various external storage media and get movies, pictures and music from there. For connections available are three USB. The Xbox is also Internet enabled – multi-gamer and surfer are also at their own expense. The game is currently still not overwhelming, however, Microsoft has announced that two hundred games in development were.