Municipal Administration

When a licitation is necessary, mounts the form procedures all to direct the certame for a company friend others. After the receipt of delivery of the merchandise, it pledges the expenditure and it emits the check for the payment. Later, the sum is divided between the supplier and the compromised members of the administration with the corruption project. In general, the gotten resources in this way arrive at the mayor and the participants of the project in the alive money form, in order not to remain vestiges of the imposture. Groups specialized in embezzling city halls with the participation of the municipal public power exist. These groups and its specialists are formed local, or brought of it are, already with experience in fraudulent management. The objective is to implant or to manage procedures illicit, to mount vitiated competitions and to cover illegalities.

The method most usual consists of forging the participation of three competitors, using false documents of legally consisting companies. Another way is to include in the licitation, only formal, some companies who present superior prices, agreed of beforehand, so that one of them skirt Signals of Irregularities in the Municipal Administration. Although not to determine the corruption existence necessarily, the presence of some facts must stimulate a special attention of the population. Between them they are: Comprometedor description of the elect authority and its assistant; Lack of transparency in the administrative acts of the governor; Absence of administrative and financial controls; Support of practical suspicious groups of of crimes and irregularities; Subservincia of the Legislative one (City council)> Exterior Signals of Wealth. Some signals to detect the practical one of municipal corruption that does not require an analysis and deeper inquiry, are enough the simple COMMENT. One of the symptoms most perceivable is when group of friends and relatives of the municipal authorities shows good of high value, acquired of one hour for another one, as cars and property, and also in the ostentation, by means of incompatible personal expenses with its incomes, as trips, parties, sponsorships, amongst other things.