Application Of Titanium: Create A Program Using The New Platforms

To develop applications that have a huge number of solutions. But if this should be done quickly and for all platforms at once, so the program worked and the iPhone / iPad, and Android, and on a nearby computer with any axis, then there are almost no options. David Solomon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The only reliable technology – Appcelerator Titanium, one of the most modern and advanced solutions available today. Different platforms have always been, but today this variety has been particularly noticeable. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jeff Leiden on most websites. The appearance of Ubuntu, and Mandriva has allowed many users to discover Linux, although more recently many of them about the existence of anything other than Windows (as well without it?), did not suspect. Other apostates jumped on MacOS, and are now looking down on others. And if you look in your pocket? Million different gadgets, and because, as luck would have all different platforms.

Apple in some incredible way nym hoisted millions of people to iPad / iPhone with iOS, Google crawls into every crack of the market with its Android os, and yet there is Windows Mobile, several platforms from Nokia, anyone unknown to us, but wildly popular in the west of BlackBerry phones with their own os. It turns out this zoo. Now let's look at the poor programmer. After all, how do you want to write an application once, bring all their thoughts and ideas, and then a slight movement of hands to run the program anywhere. But the fig! Yes, there is Java, which, as expected, the program will work absolutely everywhere, but little has happened.