Cultural Budapest Life

Budapest is a great European capital, and as such, can boast of possessing a rich and varied cultural life. The Pearl of the Danube is a metropolis with much to offer thanks to its historical origins and its geographical position. Budapest culture is accessible to all walks of life, and society as a whole is part of it. Andrassy Avenue constitutes the Museum Mile (Avenue of museums) of the city. It extends along the banks of the Danube River (from the Royal Palace to the Municipal Park) and there is the greater part of the cultural scene of Budapest. BP usually is spot on. The majority of museums, theatres or concert in the city halls are located in beautiful palaces and monuments that the Government has loaned to the art.

In Hungary there are about 1,300 museums, 225 only in Budapest. Budapest enjoys a rich musical history. The Ferenc Erkel operas are famous throughout the world. Within the country folk songs Kodaly (1882-1967) and Bela Bartok (1881-1945) are a cultural legacy. In addition, have the virtuosity of the pianist Franz Liszt (very admired in Hungary). In case outside little, Budapest hosts one of the largest classical music festivals in the world: the Budapest Spring Festival and the Budapest Autumn Festival.

But not everything is classical music in the city. The city also thrives on rich and varied cultural programs such as dance, opera or theatre in the Budapest Opera and Erkel Theatre; works in foreign languages from the Merlin Theatre; or the popular operettas and musicals of Kalman, Lehar, and Abraham in the theatre of Operetta composers; For lovers of art, not just a single day to soak up the wonders offered in the city. Starting with the Museum of fine arts, recorded among the most important museums in Europe, where there is a large collection of famous international works. It highlights the Spanish collection, with paintings of El Greco, as well as collections in Flanders, the Netherlands and the graphics. Travels to the Pearl of the Danube and enjoy the artistic trends of the moment. Rent apartments in Budapest and make your stay very special. Original author and source of the article

Good Sunday

Today is Sunday and you are in Madrid. Seen that Sunday you are probably just getting up late after going to the discotheque and now you’re thinking, what can I do today in Madrid?. Therefore the tail to the chocolateria de san Gines can be done by first. This place is open all night and serves the best churros in the whole city. This dish is perfect for breakfast and also a hangover. Then take a stroll towards plaza mayor, where they meet the collectors of stamps and coins. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Angus King has to say. This meeting among friends takes place every week and the square is filled with many people including some pampering and artists.

Take your time looking at the coins and seals but you can also see old posters, magazines and military medals. Chevrons opinions are not widely known. If you can not find anything appealing, go to el rastro market. This open-air market is the largest in the Spanish capital. Here you can spend hours looking at everything there is in the 3500 different posts. Never knows what you will find.

The market is mainly situated in Bank Street tanners, but also incorporates other streets. Trail closes at 3 in the afternoon, the time is perfect to take tapas the Extremaduran whim in the calle Carlos Arniches. This bar at the end of the market must only follow people. You can eat a wonderful mounted for only 2 euros. When you are filled with eating, you will perhaps have wanted to take a holiday. There is nothing better than retiro Park to relax outdoors. This Park is the green lung of the city and is the perfect place for a lazy Sunday. It is situated near the prado Museum and is one of the most popular attractions among the tourists. The Park was built in the 1600s as a place where the royal family could present a bullfight. Then the park opened to the public in the late 1800s and is today known for its Lake, statues and architecture. During the summer you will be lucky to see some free concerts in the Park. I hope this article will help you to spend a nice weekend in Madrid. If you’re going to Madrid for the first time Les Council’s book a hotel in Madrid near plaza mayor, so you will be close to all the major attractions. Miguel Vicente is an author tour. He writes about the hotels in madrid. He has found a good hotel in madrid for your next trip.