Credit Cards

You knew that there are banks that they give you up to three months without interests to pay your trips? Often, although trips by the same airlines or to the same places or by trips of pleasing, vacations or businesses, often you do not find out to you or you do not take advantage of the best and the more incredible promotions. The airlines of better quality yes than strive always to offer us the best thing to their clients, and to help to pay to our flights without so many difficulties or restrictions us as other companies. The best banks and the best areolneas are united to facilitate your purchases of flights dndote 3 months without interests when paying with anyone of your credit cards of that bank. Ponte in contact with the points of sale and chooses the destiny that feels like you more to travel or the one that you need. It enjoys and it is useful everything what to the best it offers you airline when paying with your credit cards of the bank. This way, not only you will have an excellent and unforgettable full experience of comocidad and attention in your flights, but you will time and time again want hacero thanks to this type of benefits and facilities of payment. It remembers that they are three months without interests are those that we offer paying to you with your cards of credit. Original author and source of the article. Click Mike Gianoni to learn more. .

Proteins And Carbohydrates

How to determine the percentage and grams of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the diet. We take like example a diet from 2000 calories, to find whichever grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat must eat to optimize the loss of fat and the gain of muscular mass. He is something easy to handle if one takes control of percentage, is recommended generally to consume around a 30% of the calories in the form of protein, 50% of carbohydrates and 20% of fats. Then if we applied something of mathematical, we can determine how many grams of each nutrient we needed exactly. In order to determine the calories and the grams in the form of protein: We multiply 30 Xs 20 = 600 Where 30 are the percentage of nutrients that we mentioned, 20 is the number that goes according to the amount of calories, (if must consume 2000 then the number is 20, only exempt two zero) and 600 are the calories that we needed to consume in the form of protein. Since we had decided that each gram of protein has 4 200 600 then calories we divided/4= Then that person must to consume 200 grams of protein to the day.

The same formula is applied to carbohydrates and fats. In order to determine the calories and the grams in form carbohydrates: 50 Xs 20 = 1000 calories in the form of carbohydrates. 1000/4 = 250 grams of carbohydrates. And for the fat: 20 Xs 20 = 400 calories coming from the fat. 400/9 = 44 grams of fat.

Now we can observe that when using these percentage of 30/50/20 the diet will consist of 150 grams of protein, 250 grams of carbohydrates and 44 grams of fat, which are going to give a total to us of 2000 calories. Now that we know whichever grams of each nutrient must consume, are moment for realising a diet according to the tastes and needs of each person, you can do it to this with a nutritional table; you can acquire this one it with MacroGym. It is of great importance of standing out, that Software for gymnasiums IntelliGym, Integra within its programs of nutrition, a specific balance between carbohydrates and fats, for nonsport sportsmen and. I invite to you to documentarte on whichever really metaboliza protein our body by food.