Benefits Of Martial Arts

Martial arts have existed for many centuries and departed from the need to improve the people’s physical conditions, then they were adapted to the war and the need to survive. Today, although some have a sense very to sports, it is a mixture of many things. Others who may share this opinion include Mike Gianoni. You can not think of martial arts as something absolute: for self-defense, sport or discipline. It is a little bit of everything. Starting to practise martial arts only to defend himself is disillusioned, because he gives account which is not but after many years that manages it; while at the same time can be seen in the street people who it defends very well without any time having practiced any. Martial arts revolve towards several things: physical benefits: all the AM (martial arts) generate benefits to the body of the people, gives them strength in muscles, bones and joints. It allows them to have better breathing and immune system. They also gain agility and flexibility, as well as better visual acuity.

The person who practiced AM, usually does not have a strong musculature to as Jean Claude Van Damme, is rather simple L’ivrogne Chan or Jet Li type thin and with hidden under their apparently normal physical agility and strength. In fact the large muscles greatly interfere with the movements of the AM techniques. Mental benefits: it is relatively easy for someone to win a fight in the street, or defend themselves, for this don’t need much training. However a person who can calculate, dosing and handle at your whim their movements and thoughts in times of stress is what achieves a martial artist with much training. And this is not only for the eventual street fights, also for the complex life of the people. The moments of stress can range from presenting a difficult examination, passing by going to an interview for the dream job or moments where it makes lack the focus and concentration of people. Social benefits: Well Yes, the benefits of the martial arts are not only for the individual.

To improve the individual, improving society. In a martial education institution the person learns discipline, respect for the others, efficiency and effectiveness, work group and leadership. All these elements are forged in the body and mind of practitioners, and should dominate not only within his training, but almost automatically in real life, making them more if insurance themselves, aware of own strengths and weaknesses and others, and its role within life itself. The recommendation is: learn a martial art. The benefits are many, the sacrifices are not few, but are always rewarded!

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