Gala Theatre

They missed you. " In addition to domestic troubles, it was also his manager. Spend days walking from gallery to gallery, offering his work, doing everything to the artist finally noticed. Monitors the flow of payments sought out old recipes manufacture of paints. There is the old frame and took them under design paintings of Dali. Pompous frames reinforce the importance of the story and depending on the success of the transaction, Gala returns either money or back frame. El Salvador was so relieved of everyday problems that did not even know the true price of money (according to witnesses, such as the street urchin in the candy donated three hundred dollars, then the interest of the driver, enough to treat a little boy). In 1930, the artist begins to develop his "paranoid-critical method ':''This is a spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on critical interpretation of the chains of crazy visions'.

As a synthesis, he offers a visionary paintings, numerous details that fuses reality and dream, man and nature. So that each image can conceal another image. Andre Breton said: 'Dali gave surrealism tool of first order, in this case the paranoiac-critical method, which, as he showed, can be applied equally in painting, poetry, film, design surrealistic objects, fashion, sculpture, art history and, if necessary, in any kind of exegesis. " His famous flowing clock appeared in anticipation of the , where she had gone with her friends. Hours before him in the form of cheese. In his said – we eat time, time-eating pop.