This morning I wake up the first thing I thought of is that I need a change in my life, so I took a map and I made a list of potential countries to which I would like to travel. I don’t have many things, but what little I have, I would like to take me with him. I decided that my destiny would be Jamaica, why?, because I don’t know, but the fact is that always caught my attention. The first thing needed, is knowing how I was going to take my stuff, but as the ticket was going to cost a lot, needed some cheap removals. I called several companies asking for c, and prices that they gave me, I must admit that they came to discourage me quite some times I thought about leaving my life change. It was very clear that if he had to take me to Jamaica, would have to make a very careful selection and was sure that was going to have to let go of things very dear to my.

But what I was going to take it will cost what cost, was my piano, if I was going to Jamaica, the piano would come with me. Ponte now to request moving quote to carry a piano. The first thing that They told me was that I could not lower the ladder and that due to the large number of people who want to change their lives these days, the Barcelona lifts were very much in demand. Wow, I thought to myself, I who he thought was original by pursuing my dream in the end. At this point in the film, was already clear that the budget moving was going to cost me an eye of the face and not the cheap removals that I had imagined.

Suddenly, rang me the mobile, was the removals company, called me to tell me that since someone else had renounced its dream of change your life, not is it going to Samoa and already is he would not carry his Luis XIV table and therefore had few lifts Barcelona available. What a joy, my sleep was closer, so I went to the Internet to find a ticket to Jamaica that same night. I did my luggage and I started to wait for the removal company. When they arrived, they put everything in boxes and the piano down the lift platform, this failed, and the piano became shattered against the ground producing something that struck me as an allegory, a signal that told me I had to fulfill my dream, suddenly, a shower of white and black keys covered my Street, my neighborhood, my city, my life