World Wide Web

I love the field bed, let sing in his sleep and awake! I breathe – and that means I love you! I love – and therefore I live! This is a beautiful story begins very ordinary: dull, gray, bad weather during the day to brighten up the same gray nascent mood, ga. (we call her she is ) came to the vast World Wide Web, a little world called ‘’. In another country, a city and I think, in another dimension, the people came in, looking at the situation and gathered here people unremarkable in appearance with (we call it OH) oh walked through the main street, looking briefly at the small (cozy and neochen) houses. And nowhere, nothing will stop his tenacious, inquisitive mind. And then (agree, all the fun starts with this ‘and then suddenly ‘ ) And suddenly, he saw her Something unearthly, refractory to any human laws, concepts and ideas. A ball of fire, beckoning Searing heat and the approach that illuminates the path and blinding eye Spring, beckoning to his coolness and purity of water and the ocean, sweeping his passion typhoon everything in its path, sparing no one and nichto. vestal, tremulous and inexperienced and sophisticated geisha, who knows everything mystery of love. Defenseless kitten, looking for warmth and rest, and imposing a tigress to hide his claws into the soft pillows, playful and deceptively harmless in general it was her With a sudden cardiac arrest in the breast S.

the same force pushed heart stops beating, forcing him to fight in a mad rhythm of passion and love and he quoted the mind: ‘Love jumped out in front of us, both from the ground the killer jumps out in the lane, and struck us both at once! Since lightning strikes, as a Finnish knife strikes! ‘And then a succession of days and nights start flickering so fast, like a picture outside the express And only one thought troubled the two: if only all was well with the connection, if only the Internet did not disappoint their adepts. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit cornell capital. Who knows where it ends something and to start something But something happened and air something has to lose their feathers, and fell at last on the ground She tried to resuscitate something but he only looked at her vnimaatelno manipulation, twisting between his fingers lifted from the ground pen. ‘What did you become earth where the fire and the ocean, Where are the clouds and the stars? “He said thoughtfully. She lifted her head and saw in his eyes the sky did not see the desire – understand why he did not see Puzzle, looking her straight in the eye.