Coca Cola It

There are no records of Santa Claus, as we know it today, before the nineteenth century! It is universally accepted that it is an invention. Even said that you Coca Cola It’s that spread its current image! It is not evident that it is a creation of man and not vice versa! Ahh, my dear friend without faith, that precisely is further proof that we are subjected Noel. It governs the course of its creation, and his actions were determined that man discovered his true image. In terms of the historical evidences of Noel, the acts in mysterious ways. If you chose to hide his creative hand to times relatively recent is only to test our faith.

I think that lack of evidence is in fact a larger testimony of his existence and of his power. Feel me sorry those who think as my friend without faith. Santa Claus responds to my prayers, is always there for me, and when you reach the end of my days, he’s going to reveal mysteries that are now prohibited to humanity to me. I don’t understand why it is that they want to convince me to renounce him. What damage do people believing in his goodness, filling me with his love? After all, he has never killed in the name of Noel. There, in his cosmology, hell, eternal condemnations, torture. Noel does not intercede in the political life of Nations, not drives the wording (or not writing) of laws.

It does not inspire hatred, holy wars, the Crusades. I think that if I believe that I have been created by a higher power I chose one of the more harmless. Friends, I don’t care if they are Noelistas or not. I wish you a Merry Christmas.