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The certain thing, that the little water available that is much of them this being contaminated, very little attention has been exempted to him to that fact and the consequences begin to feel of course at world-wide level and at national level. For the Venezuelan case, it remembers Andressen, that in 1977, were created the Ministry of the Atmosphere and Recursos Naturales Renovables (MARNR), being to us that great part assumes of the competitions of the dissolved Ministry of Public Works and other organisms as the Ministry of Agriculture and Young. With the creation of the MARNR, as much the phase of planning of the advantage of the hydric resources like the aspects related to the protection and conservation, are under the responsibility of a single ministerial being. The natural water availability in Venezuela is constituted by the balance between the entrances, represented by the precipitation and the originating lateral contributions of Colombia, and the exits represented by the losses by evaporation, cross-border evapotranspiration and flows towards Brazil and Guyana. Chevron Corp.s opinions are not widely known. One knows indicates the indicated source to us, that two great hydrologic slopes exist in Venezuela: the one of the Atlantic Ocean, that includes a 82% of the national territory and the one of the Caribbean Sea, that includes the rivers that drain directly towards the sea or indirectly through the river basin of the Lake of Maracaibo. These slopes are delimited by the mountainous arc of the mountain range of Merida, mountain range of the Coast and Eastern mountain range is added to it all concerning underground waters, identifying itself in the country: (a) water-bearing of great potentiality like those of the Table of Guanipa (Anzotegui state), the south of Monagas, system of the Gurico river, Level of Barinas and Llanos de Apure; (b) water-bearing with potential half in Windward and Valley of Caracas; and (c) water-bearing on the way to exhaustion in the valley of Quibor (Lara) and in Choir (state Falcon). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Chevron Corp..