Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line the DSL consists of an analog transmission of digital data that is based on the twisted pair cable of copper which takes the telephone line, allowing the transmission of data and voice service simultaneously. A leading source for info: Angus King. This is achieved through the modulation of data signal in a band of frequencies higher than the frequency band used in voice service. To avoid distortions in the transmitted signal, the installation of a filter (called a splitter or discriminator) than is necessary He is responsible for separating the signal of voice of the modulated signal from the data connection. In this way, an ADSL line establishes three communication channels: sending data, receive data and voice telephone service.

The ADSL technology called asymmetric because the ability of downloading data (from the network to the user) and the ability to upload data (from the user to the network) do not match. In the ADSL technology discharge capacity is greater than upload capacity, which corresponds to the common use of Internet by the majority of users downloaded more than climbing. Advantages and disadvantages of the see ADSL ADSL main advantages comparing with other Internet access technologies: the ADSL allows you to talk on the phone while you browse the Internet, since voice and data are transmitted in separate bands. ADSL uses existing infrastructure, of the switched telephone network, which avoids having to build a new infrastructure. In the majority of cases, ADSL is the technology with best price/speed ratio for broadband Internet access. Since ADSL uses the PSTN local loop copper twisted-pair cable, the circuit between each Subscriber and the central is unique and exclusive to that user, which prevents bottlenecks by shared channel. Regarding the drawbacks of ADSL, we can mention: the ADSL requires strict conditions to the telephone line in order to offer this service, with respect to the distance from the telephone exchange (max 5.5 km of cable length) and quality of the twisted pair of copper, both noise and attenuation. Since there are no signal repeaters between the PBX and the end user modem ADSL, ADSL service quality is sensitive to interferences due to external factors, which makes the quality of service fluctuate, causing in some cases cuts or decrease speed. The transmission capacity of ADSL is much lower than other technologies such as telephony by cable.

Product Management

Altina Coast Magalhes Cumprir the social function of the school in these times of insertion of the technologies in all the sectors of the social life is to promote advancing of educating inside and outside of the pertaining to school scope, in all the dimensions of its life. Currently this advance happens from the use of the medias in the educational context, as for the aspects: administrative and pedagogical. This last one in turn will have to be thought, to be planned, be projected to supply the necessities of educating and of a society that is each more dynamic time, on account of the globalization process and thus it must involve all the pertaining to school community: managers, professors, coordinators, professionals of support, family and especially the pupils who need an education characterizes that them to know, to analyze and to transform the reality where they act. She is necessary that if he thinks about this challenge, therefore to adjust the school to the new social order is to guarantee to its participants a qualitatively superior education to that he comes today being offered in all the aspects. Currently it has of if considering that the miditicas technologies do not only serve as information instrument, searches, digitao, communication on line, or entertainment, but, mainly to the intention educating, therefore it takes internauta to search information and to transform them into knowledge, however for this the medias must be used in a perspective integrator that has taken the pupil to communicate itself with its pairs, to participate over all of the search of information and of the production of new knowledge that provide the discovery of the scientific knowledge, technological and humanistic. The school can and must work in the direction to prepare its pupils to become citizens of ciberespao, capable to solve problems, to develop projects, and with its critical and creative capacity to carry through inventos and artistic, literary productions, becoming producing of knowledge more that could be published in the world-wide net so that others have access and thus they can produce more and information and new knowledge. In these molds the school will be walking to develop full citizenship in regards to the development of innumerable abilities and abilities also to dream and to fight for justice, equality, solidarity and happiness in this so devoid society of these values. To make the management of products in the pertaining to school context is to adjust it the new times and to the new challenges dribbling the inherent difficulties to the process, transforming these into potentialities with the use of the existing technological tools in the school of multicriteria, organized, attractive form, and innovator. In if treating to public school uncurling of this process of use of the medias, that is, of the management of products still it walks the slow steps. In the truth, for the analyzed questionnaires one perceives that it still has much that to be made. She is necessary that each one that participates of the pertaining to school community makes its part, but is necessary that the public politics come back toward education give more priority to the subject, investing in equipment, maintenance of already the existing ones, formation of the professors and other professionals of the school who can be inserted in this context.


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