The suffering by an exaggerated jealous conduct leaves deep tracks in a pair relation. The feelings of jealousy " normales" , it is a reaction until certain logical point when we felt that something or somebody threat our relation of pair. But to the aim of accounts, how are explained the jealousy? The first point is the fear to lose the person that we loved, or, that this one stops wanting to us it leaves or us by somebody the more. The problem of the jealous people is that they interpret any act of negligence or to act in his pair with mistrust, distrust, and always, are on the lookout of " pistas" that they confirm his suspicions. The great majority of the times those " sospechas" they are unfounded and they protest and they say and they agreden when blaming the other of its intentions. Check out Deccan Value for additional information.

To live next to a jealous person, is to live in meritito hell: They burn to us alive and almost always we are innocent. It is evident that the conduct becomes until certain pathological point when the pair, does not give reasons for it, and nevertheless, it is accused to him of it. Which are the reasons that can take to us to be jealous? – Faults in the own confidence. We think that the pair can leave us at any time on the other, on the other or by some circumstance. We did not feel to deserve love and affection, and therefore, demanded to him to the other, devotion and absolute attention. – A great fear to be betrayed in our confidence, our value, our love. That is to say, one talks about then, perhaps to an infantile wound more than to a circumstance in the adult life. – To come from dysfunctional homes in which he learned himself that the father or the mother suffered of infidelity on the part of the other and now to fear that us can happen the same.