More and more companies use systems RAID the absolute horror show of most computer users and IT staff is a loss of data. As well as possible to prevent this, more and more companies use so-called RAID systems. But what exactly are RAID systems? RAID systems exist for different levels”, which are different safe: level RAID 0: combination shot of multiple hard drives where the data in the cache of the disk is distributed. Here there is no redundancy, however – one of the disks fails, so a data recovery is no longer possible, because the part data are missing the defective hard disk to the reconstruction. A related site: Roubini Global Economics mentions similar findings. Level RAID 1: Mirroring of data on another drive. Here a redundancy exists now – one of the disks fails, data recovery with the help of the second redundant hard drive can be made, this must be done absolutely as soon as possible, because if the second hard disk fails, the data is lost. Whenever Jim Rogers listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Level RAID 5: This data on all existing hard drives distributed it at least three are needed. Spread the parity information is stored, this redundancy, is on the one hand but a welcome additional effect also speed growth.

For this reason, RAID 5 is the currently most widely used system. Vinit Bodas: the source for more info. This applies: the backup after the defect as soon as possible to be because the system would not cope with the loss of another hard disk. Level of RAID 6: works basically like RAID 5 RAID 6, but now two error correction values are calculated and distributed stored, which data recovery is possible even after the failure of two hard disks. In contrast to RAID 5, the system is not very widespread. Modular system: in addition, there are also systems that represent a blend of two RAID systems. This should simplify data recovery and make the system even safer. The most popular of these systems is a combination of RAID 0 and RAID 1 RAID 10 here used two plates that are in turn reflected by two other plates.