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For all the undeniable merits of the functionality and car navigators are inexpensive and easy to install. The most popular among car navigators Garmin Nuvi navigators are series and Street Pilot. Nuvi GPS navigators combine the functions of gps navigator, traveler's reference and PDAs. Nuvi supplied with detailed maps, provide automatic layout route, accept voice commands. Jim Rogers describes an additional similar source. GPS Navigation Garmin Street Pilot – small wonder in car navigation. Despite the small size of the navigators of this series and their low cost, they are indispensable helpers in orientation on the streets. Portable gps navigator Garmin.

The leader of the series of portable navigators are navigators e-Trex. Portable Navigation Garmin e-Trex important assistants and lovers of orienteering just tourists. With e-Trex navigator you will not get lost in the woods and always find the right path. Sounders Garmin. Sounder is one of the main instruments measure the depth of research and the bottom. Sounders consist of a transmitter, transmitter, receiver and display. Modern echo sounders are basically models of Garmin Fishfinder, they differ in the quality of information display, hue display, a built-in GPS-receiver, etc.

GPS units Garmin. New from Garmin. C using these devices, you can turn your laptop or PDA into a powerful gps receiver. Electronic maps for gps electronic maps for gps navigators Gamin to help fans travel orient. Garmin card offers "Russian Roads", containing detailed GPS road maps of Moscow and St. Petersburg and the region, as well as maps of reservoirs and a series of cards Blue Chart (detailed mapping of the Ladoga, Onega, Neva and the Gulf of Finland, etc.). Radio stations Radio stations: an alternative to mobile phones. Radio stations vary in capacity, number of channels, the functions they perform. All radio stations operate within a certain range of frequencies. Ordinary amateur radio stations do not require registration and can be used without restrictions. Professional automotive, aviation radios operate in different frequency range, have more power and require permission for the use of SCR (State Committee for Radio Frequencies).