Surprise Gadgets

Market Hi-tech products in the segment ruskoyazychnom momentum. It is now difficult to surprise anyone buying online store, and even more so then how the new device. Our world is literally filled with them. However chlovek always want what you stand, the western segment has long had its own industry of goods for geeks. There are many manufacturers of similar products, for brevity, simply called gadgets, which have as their main purpose is not even increase comfort and surprise. Create your own uniqueness to the image, home and computer. Yankodesign company known for its devices, it is surprising character. Of course in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet is not the most well-known company, yet to all lovers of gadgets gikam, and just wishing to make a wonderful and unique gift is actually a good idea to get acquainted with the products of the company.

Ax began a little the facts speak for themselves. Yanko Design Company was founded in 2002, is located in the U.S. now has a daily attendance of about 28,000 unique visitors and 100 thousand hits a day. Number of indexed in Google pages 144 000, rusoyazychny Yandex 'knows' 6500 page links company. What do these figures are? It's easy – they talk about the popularity of the resource with its extravagant devices. What kind of the same devices in question.

As You, like this such a watch: Understand how to identify them on time will require skill opredlenennoy but certainly attract the attention of those around you. Another invention: notebook-transformer, besides that it splits into standard 'portrait' orientation, and he also klaviutura folding – a full-sized: The things we particularly useful, as is the basic meaning of the invention which is just a decoration, such as those svetyaschisya 'bubbles' (Glowing bubbles):: Some of these gadgets will cause surprise, the other a smile from a third misunderstanding, but full they will not leave indifferent anybody. And in their visual appeal no doubt because most of them involved in famous international designers, creative people, who decorate the usual boring IT world giving it a fun and attractive. Source: M-BOX