How To Prepare Cocktails With Peruvian Pisco

The Peru pisco is world renowned and that it has won thanks to their excellent quality, fundamental characteristic of this drink. According to the standard, there are five factors pillars with which the production of pisco has to comply with obligation; and these are: matter premium: different varieties of grapes used makes the biggest differences between the different types of pisco. No rectification of vapours: the distillation process is done avoiding the Elimination of the constituent elements of the real pisco. Time of distillation and fermentation of musts: pisco comes from the distillation of recently fermented musts or wines. Does not have aggregates: distillation achieves no are not constituent elements which could cause you to lose body, color and all the other characteristics that distinguish it. Obtaining of the alcoholic content: from a high alcoholic percentage uses a process that down to 42 or 43 on average according to the criterion of the pisquero; and can even get up to thirty-eighth grades. Once we have the bottle of pisco in our hand is there a way to test the quality that distinguishes this beverage, proof that it is known as lace and pink. It consists of beating the bottle without opening and then appreciate a light viscosity that seems as oil by turning in the central part of the bottle, as if it were a whirlwind, pink call.

To their ends, appears a tail of bubbles called lace. Now with proven quality, we can only know one thing, and how we take it? Well, it is a drink that should be taken alone, but in reality there are many ways of using it in drinks and cocktails, and come out very interesting things. We will see how to prepare cocktails with pisco: how to prepare Pisco Sour: list of ingredients: 70 cc Pisco 30 cc lemon juice 2-3 teaspoons of sugar flower 1 Clara de Huevo combine all ingredients in a Shaker with ice. Stir and serve in Cup of sour. There are two secrets.

The first is to put a few drops of Angostura bitter on the drink already served. The other is do the same thing but with whisky. How to prepare Piston: list of ingredients: 60 cc Pisco water tonic lemon ice put Pisco in a glass with ice and a slice of lemon. Fill with tonic water. How to make LSD: list of ingredients: 60 cc Pisco 25 cc Tequila 25 cc brandy raspberry 1 Dash of Curacao blue ice of colors put the ice in a tall glass and pour the ingredients in the order listed. How to prepare Andes kind: list of ingredients: 60 cc Pisco 30cc Vodka 15 cc juice of lemon crushed ice combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice. Stir and serve in cocktail glass (including ice). Good because everything is ready so you can enjoy the authentic Peruvian Pisco. It should be the test of all the drinks for knowing the difference and find the one you like best. And while we do that, there are also other things to see. Original author and source of the article.