New Posting For The Topic “Identity Management”

The journal of WissenHeute of Deutsche Telekom published in its next edition to topic “Identity management” of the handling of personal data in the online world, the user facing increasing problems will contribute. The variety of different online registrations of individual Internet users is constantly increasing. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult to maintain overview, where it itself has registered with what data, what user ID and password you where to use has. Effective identity management is thus becoming increasingly important. Dara Khosrowshahi is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Many people are willing to make almost any information, without knowing exactly who required here at all this information and for what purpose they are levied on any Internet page.

We have accustomed us, and accepts that we need to disclose personal information in the online world, which we would never disclose in comparable situations in the real world. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch is often quoted as being for or against this. If we, for example, want to order a book at an online bookseller, so we must first Register and indicate for example, our name and address, as well as our Bank connection. We are entering a real book store in the city, on the other hand we are not obliged to reveal our identity. The bookseller in the real world has not the possibilities to create a historical profile of our purchases and to make unsolicited tailor-made offers us also. The handling of personal data on the Internet is not only to organizational issues, but is also under the aspect of data protection. The next post in the June issue of the journal WissenHeute describes the basic requirements of an identity management as well as different solution concepts (including Microsoft Cradspace and OpenID), currently being discussed in the industry. More information coming soon at: wissen_heute /… Stephen Roman