Packed Machines

If you are businessman and you worried about the quality of your products find a bottler in addition to offer an impeccable quality to adjust to your needs. If you have a small production but it is concerned about the packaging there are packaging machines with semi-automatic service. Semi-automatic packaging machines are based on the same technology of older computers, only operating for small quantities. The advantages of packaging of low capacity is that these machines are reliable, practical and above all economical, because they reduce the cost of packaging equipment to optimize the process by adjusting it to small lots. You may think that if this machinery reduces costs may not be compatible with other technologies, but on the contrary, the packaging of low-capacity machines can be combined with other semi-automatic processes: machines conveyor, labelling, special accessories, among others. Within the semi-automatic system for low capacities, there are different machinery, each developed for certain products and packaging: DNS series: for low viscosity products such as beverages, sauces, milk, detergents and foaming cleaners, solvents etc. Series DP-C: for packaging by weight, liquid chemical products, containers, pochards, or buckets, ranging from 5 up to 50 kg. Series DP-T: packaging by weight of products in canvasbacks, drums, buckets or large presentations original author and source of the article.