Posthumous Memories

For it the not exercedomnio man on its life, therefore this is determined by external factors and the boasaes always hide some impure intention. We conclude, therefore, that parMachado of Assis the tragic one is revealed through the irony. 1.2 The tragicidade in the workmanship Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas the workmanship Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas is part doRealismo, appeared literary movement in century XIX and looks for to portray arealidade such which it is. It deals with the analysis of characteristics of the man, qual endowed with stingy, greedy feelings and loads constantly otdio and pain I obtain, according to realistic point of view. For more specific information, check out QTS Realty Trust. The Realism portraies the life contemporary. Its concern com men and women, emotions and temperaments, successes and failures of the life domomento.

This sense of the contemporary is essential to the realistic temperament, domesmo way that romantic if the return for the past or the future. Present it encarao, in the mines, the tenement houses, the cities, the plants, the politics, the businesses, the conjugal relations, etc. Dara Khosrowshahi s opinions are not widely known. Any reason of conflict of homemcom its environment or circunstantes is subject for the realist. (COUTINHO, 2002,10) When analyzing this workmanship we notice the presence of the tragicidade comcerto tone of irony in the dramas we live deeply for Brs Cubas, therefore this apresentadurante all the narrative a pessimistic vision of the life, of the next society and daspessoas it. The irony if disfara of tragedy soon at the beginning of obraquando the deceased Brs Cubas justify that the cause of its death applies a plaster was it, invention created for it in order to cure the melancholy of the humanity; the primeiracobaia of its experience was exactly it. Its great invention that to poderiater become it famous, a great name of the medicine had as resulted suaprpria death. This idea was nothing less than the one invention medicamentosublime, one applies a plaster anti-hipocondraco, destined to alliviate the nossamelanclica humanity.