Barrierfree Flying

Barrier-free toilets for airlines no topic currently come E.g. wheelchair users in European airspace not on the toilet, because the airlines are refusing to carry on-board wheelchairs. In the United States, however, it is an on-board wheelchair since 1992 practice! The petition is to draw attention to the discriminatory and harmful situation and bring a political discourse in swing. At the time, my petition “Air law – accessibility in air transport” runs (November 6, 2008-December 19, 2008). Direct link to the petition on the website of the German Bundestag (the link to the website of the German Bundestag, on which the petition was published. Dara Khosrowshahi usually is spot on.

Go to with draw on “register” is a user name to the email account to send, go to the link and click on “This petition with draw”). There are already to a first success: a group spokesman assured the German airline Lufthansa on November 15, 2008, that all passengers, the the need for 48 hours prior to departure, the pilot has an on-board wheelchair. So far, Lufthansa provided this service – like other airline companies also – only on long-haul. On the 9.1.2008 writes Lufthansa German airlines: “In fact it is not possible, to provide an on-board wheelchair on short-haul flights unfortunately also in advance.” (see: p = 61) Also in subsequent requests, Lufthansa is expressed only in general terms and does not mention the specific question after an on-board wheelchair (see: page_id = 69) more background information and the latest developments on my blog to the background of the petition of wheelchair accessible is fly flying now as normal like car and train travel – for almost all people in Europe. But not for people with reduced mobility. So, this group has no chance of finding a toilet on short – and medium-haul flights even after entry into force of the EU flight regulation of July 2008. European airlines – including the German Lufthansa – deny your mobility-impaired passengers until today access to a toilet. Two to three hours, sometimes longer, is to arrive to find no toilet.

Who the question of Stewart’s “Must you find a toilet in this time?” with “Yes” answers, can go from the plane again. He is not promoted simply. Even with prior notification, airlines refuse to carry a so-called on-board wheelchair on board. This would allow the transfer of the seat to the toilet. So for example the German Lufthansa in an E-Mail of the 9.1.2008 replies laconically: “In fact, it is not possible, to provide an on-board wheelchair on short-haul flights unfortunately also in advance” and cynically further assure “that we do our utmost, so that your travels run smoothly.” Today, Deutsche Lufthansa denied a clear commitment that it provides an on-board wheelchair if required (source: A flight on the several hours long no Toilet can be picked up used, can not “” smoothly and missed key needs of passengers. Imagine, to sit three hours in an elevator – this is about the time that the German and European airlines expect their mobility-impaired passengers, to use no toilet. Against this background, I have submitted the petition to the German Bundestag and hope to many with drawing at the end. The goal of 400 signatures, but the more with drawing at the end are the petition the weightier and more likely that something is moving in the direction of barrier-free flying! End of subscription period is the December 19, 2008. Here, the petition with draw!

Donberg CDU

CDU faction Remscheid and Solingen Wuppertal want in future more closely cooperate the participants of the meeting to the Donberg in Wuppertal, at this time also the Wuppertaler Mayor Peter Jung and city Treasurer Dr. Johannes Slawig, as well as the Remscheid Mayor candidate Jochen Siegfried (all CDU) that were agreed, that the cooperation of the three factions of the Council should be intensified. A first concrete result of the meeting: Experts of the three factions of the CDU Council will draw up a paper, which is engaged in the mountainous landscape of education. You may find Nouriel Roubini to be a useful source of information. In non-formal education, training, and also the placement of trainees or in special education for migrants want to Wuppertal, Remscheid and Solingen closer together. In addition all three municipalities have a similar medium-sized economic structure, which suggests a common approach. We understand the bergische cooperation as a contribution to the consolidation. All three cities are located in the so-called Vanity case in terms of the Joint Declaration of the Berg and the Ruhr cities titled escaping the debt trap ‘.

Is our signal to Dusseldorf and Berlin: the CDU parliamentary groups in Wuppertal, Remscheid and Solingen go a common line in terms of local finance, because our primary aim must be a secure future for our bergisches land. This joint action will be constructive but also critical. Citizens in the Bergisches Land can rest assured that we us even more will use for an appropriate Community financial reform, which finally lets air breathe our cities”, so the assessment by Veit, cancer and Simon. Together we are strong”is the motto for the future to say. Keep it not with noble intentions, you want to swap a now regularly with each other at the working level. Solingen will be the next host of the Conference of the three Presidents and their staff on July 1. Ever after Occasion will strengthen the round then other politicians or experts in administration and economy.

Heater Craft SHK Tricks

Chimney sweep is really from our point of view just a cleaning professional in the past has let the show steal the heating craft from the chimney sweeps. Once somewhere new heating technology has been introduced, the chimney sweep at the expense of heating craft in the foreground have urged. At press conferences, chimney sweep before the heaters could photograph and not those who have built up the heaters. The result is disastrous for the heating craft. Here, Eve Plumb expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The population is largely unaware that the expertise in heating technology heating craft is.

Chimney sweep from our point of view is really just a stale cleaning profession that is mostly obsolete in modern heating technology. These two voices: Dr. Dr. To know more about this subject visit Jonah Bloom. Horst bollard of Haus & Grund Wurttemberg called a symbol of useless employment the chimney sweep. If you would like to know more then you should visit Reshma Kewalramani. see: sites/artikel.php? artikel_id = 126 the FDP it recently as follows to the point brought: \”Chimney sweep!\” out of my house, see:../fdpaussencmykpfade.pdf how came it to the current situation? From 1935 Germany in sweeping districts was divided into the Nazi economic policy for chimney sweep. A private act, the chimney sweep, regulates the activities of the chimney sweep since then in a bureaucracy ausuferndem.

The time according to a law that makes even today do not even stop before the fundamental right to the inviolability of the home was built (GG article 13). See also: August 14, 2008: \”chimney sweep: an its own power in the country\” ..Schornsteinfeger a own power-in the State after many engineers and scientists make public their anger about the often-gratuitous chimney sweep activities, is now also the SHK trade on the barricades. See: engineers vs Schornsteinfeger.html SHK chimney sweep Problem.html the main problem is the lobbying of the chimney sweep. You appear to have many politicians and the authorities concerned in the grip. The legislation in the heating technology is largely aligned according to the wishes of the chimney sweep.

Christian Lindner Impressed By

Creative work of AWO youth workshop providing Gladbach astonishment Bergisch, August 25, 2008 – many visitors romped on the Saturday, August 23, 2008, in the courtyard of the FDP District Office, to see exhibited works of art that have arisen in recent years in the AWO youth workshop. “Although many teenagers find first stupid creative work: at the end, they are very surprised and proud of what they have created” reports social worker Sabine Schwarz from their work with unemployed young people. Christian Lindner, Member of the Landtag, and youth policy spokesman for the FDP Landtag group, paid tribute to the work of AWO and the commitment in his welcoming speech of the Working Group of artists (AdK), which has taken over the patronage for the exhibition. Please visit Fiserv CEO if you seek more information. “Here not only works of art but also life paths were designed”, Lindner was impressed. He insisted in the need to actively to qualify young people with fewer opportunities. “These are wonderful works, the AdK could such exhibitions sometimes for the Dusseldorf Landtag organize”, encouraged the Deputy Mayor Ingrid Koshofer (FDP). The organizers about the interest of some visitors, to acquire the “tricks” was both surprised and delighted. McKinsey & Company has similar goals.

Hans-Joachim depth Ashton, Chairman of the AdK, thanked in a short speech again all sponsors and institutions that made this exhibition. Amateur FDP Bergisch Gladbach Konrad Adenauer Platz 1 51465 Bergisch Gladbach Germany phone: 02204-987448 press contact press office of the FDP Bergisch Gladbach Annette Glamann phone: 02204 987448 fax: 02204-987379 E-Mail: glamann(at) company info the FDP, local Association Bergisch Gladbach, represents the political center with over 100 members in Bergisch Gladbach. In the local elections of 2004, the FDP received 10.7% of the vote. The FDP in the City Council is represented by seven Council members and a strong team of qualified citizens.

Federal Constitutional Court

Restaurateurs as a pawn of choice fighters and ban fanatics Oberhaching, August 2008 – with the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court in late July to the provisional lifting of the smoking ban, the provinces now have time to bring about a uniform regime by the end of 2009. The restaurateurs of so-called single-room pubs under 75 sqm can breathe a little, but still must fear for their existence. Because of frequency and sales declines in all gastronomic fronts. Just at the Kneipenwirten, the decision of an absolute ban on smoking fall business immensely in the weight. Even the DEHOGA (German hotel and Restaurant Association) expects that over 11% of this type of restaurant must include when no sector-specific solution is found. New York Yankees pursues this goal as well. A just as fatal as unacceptable consequence. That is against Bavaria’s Minister-President Beckstein confirmed with regard to his already established, total smoking ban in the bonos recommendation, is an incomprehensible and on the other hand probably only a matter of time. After all, election campaign is currently in Bavaria and at the base of the party, it rumbles already.

At least, it would not be surprising if the ban on delusion of politicians not yet a late inspection, because it is also a crusade against an unspecified majority. According to the world are 56% of surveyed citizens for exemptions to the smoking ban. 20% entirely reject the smoking ban, while only 23% would support a total ban on smoking. The results of the FOCUS are almost identical results. Also here are about half of them, make sure that the best solution would be a non-smoking legislation with exemptions for the catering industry. But what is the best for those who don’t have the choice with their existence and at the end of the subject but the loud roar of choice. A host can get off not just from his operation.

New Company

in the people best develop their inclinations and abilities and to decide themselves in the framework of direct democracy can the entrepreneur and visionary Martin Glogger has developed a blueprint for a new society, where people can best develop their inclinations and abilities and to decide themselves in the framework of direct democracy. Crown Financial is full of insight into the issues. What should the new company fundamentally changed by: the many millions of people today living on State handouts, may again give meaning to their life has an end to the tax and social security contributions, which we have to pay because of the many unresolved problems in society, the reckless and threatening debts of politicians and industry bosses, went back to a tolerable level (approximately 20% of the gross) if the visionary today looks back and between the old company (industries), in which it is grown, and his plan for a new company (Information society) compares, then he realizes the following basic differences:-target:-* industrial society: a “possible widespread material wealth” * information society: a “possible widespread material and especially inner wealth” – basis:-* industrial society: the ever-increasing consumption (or growth) and the concomitant waste of natural resources (raw materials,…) and human resources (creativity, talents, passions,…) * information society: the optimal use of existing natural and especially human resources. -important values:-* industrial society: obedience (duty), material wealth (independently of inner wealth), diligence (without the sense of diligence to question), socially recognized profession (men should a professional respected in society), beauty (women should be beautiful) * Information society: nature, peace and inner contentment (inner wealth, so himself in tune live with), freedom and justice, love – interpersonal cooperation – * industrial society: people run across hierarchies * information society: people in the framework of networks cooperate constructively – common values and rules – * industrial society: everything is up to the smallest detail, most people hope that they do not come with the thousands, only by legal experts to understand laws and ordinances in conflict * information society: People keep aware of important, intuitive, common principles, the really necessary laws and regulations can be found when needed and especially understood – the financial system – * industrial society: the Financial system sent exploit the human weaknesses like greed, desire for power, thoughtlessness and ignorance * information society: the financial system promotes the good, helpful and noble in man – the backup of existence of – * industrial society: the Minister and her army of millions of officials distribute the taxes and social ALB gifts and manage the claims, the people in the State (= taxpayers) have * information society: the flat-rate basic income promotes and demands that people engage in a chosen task in the company – the system of decision – * industrial society: representative democracy, where the representatives elected by the people making the decisions instead of their constituents (we cast our vote a politician) * information society: direct democracy, where the proficient problem solvers and self-taught decisions short-term itself (we have a voice) -the economic system – * industrial society: the social market economy, in which the Government intervenes in the market mechanism, to alleviate social hardship cases and free competition to secure, but also to the companies and workers to participate in the financing of important tasks not directly and immediately profitable * information society: the free-market economy, in which responsible problem solvers and self-taught intervene to alleviate social hardship cases in the market mechanism and ensure free and fair competition, by courageously and energetically to engage, that lacks the companies not on ideas for innovative products and services, the companies for the development of its innovative and high-quality products and services to be rewarded, fair to participate in the market and with their profits also contribute to the common good conclusion: How can each help as best as possible, to realize the new company: do what you love, in the best case with those you love q = node / 302 #staerke call your say within the framework of direct democracy?

New Municipal Council

Acclaimed local government changes in the island Hiddensee, the Election Committee of the Office of West-Rugen, has been confirmed at its meeting on September 23, 2010, the results of the elections of the honorary mayor and the Municipal Council of the 19.September 2010 and Office /… published online. Therefore Thomas gene (CDU) to the new mayor of the municipality is elected island Hiddensee. The 10 seats in the Municipal Council are distributed as follows: 4 citizens for Hiddensee (BfH), 4 Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and 2 Freie Wahler Hiddensee (FWH). Expedia CEO will not settle for partial explanations. The opposition against the validity of the election period of 2 weeks. The required for the final, official notice public notice of the election results is apparently only on next Monday, September 27, 2010. Within 6 weeks, the constituent meeting must be convened municipal Constitution on the the two Deputy of mayor elected and also expected to new members in the District Committee sends.

Until then, prepare yourself Groups, discuss their work on the future committees and develop thematic areas. Thomas gene (CDU), which currently not wanted to talk about personnel, told us on the phone: “it remains even after the choice in the subjects that we have put before the election at the center of our program. Hiddensee immediately needs a helipad, which is also supported by the Ministry of the Interior. The tent cinema issue must be clarified, with the residents and not against them, so that it next spring really can be reopened. And generally we should focus even more on the culture, tourism and thus our central economic factor on Hiddensee would be unattractive without. We are already in an intensive exchange of ideas with the Neuendorfer free voters, to properly prepare the launch of the new Municipal Council, and finally to allow a constructive, open air in island politics, as with all factions,”, so Hiddensees future Mayor gene. (Editor: Kay Rahimullah, new Island newspaper Hiddensee)

North Rhine Article

Wuppertal threaten no disadvantages, because the Administration and care of an austerity package works since a few days an intensive media coverage of the budgetary situation in Wuppertal and alleged aid to strapped municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia takes place. We believe that this report was very one-sided. Seems important us to remember the starting point of the discussion. On July 8, the WZ headlined over-indebtedness: Wuppertal creates their own restraints. The city will get for the time being, no help from the country – in contrast to Hagen, which presented an austerity package before the summer recess.’ Even the title of this article created the impression, as concrete plans that the land North Rhine-Westphalia the town would prefer Hagen to municipalities such as Wuppertal. A very factual contribution of country correspondents Frank UAE UAE in the WZ by the 15th of July belied this impression.

Shore Kamp does not refer to secondary sources, but has held a personal meeting with Finance Minister Linssen. Banks battle writes, that the Minister in the designation of city names back holds. We develop just the standards by which we select the poorest cities ‘, citing the Minister. Shore Kamp refuted the impression aroused in the WZ article from July 8 in the title bar so that, when negative consequences threatened the city of Wuppertal, as the Administration now under high pressure and in all care works from all inspection orders and 2009 presents a carefully thought-out and billed through austerity package is expected in the fourth quarter. Through this article we see us in our vision confirmed.