Confederations Cup

Historic protests in Brazil attune the Brazilians on the Confederations Cup final to the wave of protests that broke out in Brazil, is certainly as one of its most important historical moments in the history. Not only the international community, but also the Brazilians themselves are surprised by the speed of this process and the extent of the nationwide people’s movement. The response to the public expenditure through the 2014 World Cup is only a part of the broad and varied demands of the Brazilians, who are calling for an improvement of the quality of life. The countless signs of protesters with slogans such as “We want hospitals and schools after FIFA-standard” or “I don’t want the World Cup, I want my money for health and education” refer to the luxurious soccer stadiums. The FIFA World Cup is thus became a major symbol in the fight against inequality prevailing in the country, social injustice and political corruption. Although the most important events in the Year 2013 starts, held the protest movement on August 27 in the northern city of Natal. 540-11e1-8c16-5080b717c13e_story.html’>Daniel Amen. As the local city administration increased the bus fares, many protesters, mostly students, on the Street go. A few days later, it comes to a second protest, which follow conflicts but with the police.

The pressure of the population leads to that ticket prices be lowered again. In may 2013, the city administration again lifted prices for public transport and again protests follow. In the course of the year 2013 it comes to further demonstrations in various parts of the country, as well as in the southern city of Porto Alegre and Goiana in Central-Eastern Brazil. The 28 may 2013 leads to the greatest tension. 4 Buses are destroyed in the course of the conflict, two of them are set on fire and two devastated. In addition, the police arrested 24 students due to vandalism and disobedience.


Democracy needs competent voters who has actually made the debt? The evil politician, the evil State, the bad banks, or… We ourselves? No, we knew nothing! We believed just the politicians, we have chosen. You lied to us. That’s right, which are often chosen, which lie the most. Could we really don’t know who’s lying the most? Some voters had any idea, others do not. Others including Michael McIntyre, offer their opinions as well. For example, the recent elections in France and Italy. Let’s just hope there are more people with clue in the next generation, i.e.

with more life skills. The school plays an important role. Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX recognizes the significance of this. But adult role models within and outside the family are equally important. Many of us made good experiences. Others do not.

Active volunteers, godparents are there also to replenish the good experiences and to neutralize the worse. The parents have more life skills more transfers of children. Volunteer family sponsors, who have wanted some parents help the parents. When the child already speaks, children Godfather Godfather grannies Big Sisters or brothers for a child can gain a lasting importance with little family. Learning sponsors, who help a child read learning or homework, teach him not only knowledge but strengthen also his self-esteem. It is particularly difficult job Godfather, to help one or a young people successfully complete primary school and to start a job or vocational training. But there are more success stories than you might commonly assume. Makes all that small debt? No, but the next generation should be something more in the stand to address the tough challenges and competent to judge something in elections. Active godfathers are volunteers who regularly care families, a child or a young one if the ‘children’ have wished. See their sponsored children through local agencies.

Anti Smoking Start Popular Initiative For A Total Smoking Ban In Berlin

Our Member organization – the ‘ initiative for pleasure Berlin e.V. – Announces fierce opposition to how the media is, dogmatic non-smoking plan to enforce a total ban on smoking in Berlin via people’s initiative. (Not to be confused with Gale Harold!). The in force in January 2008 and amended in May 2009 Berlin non smoking Protection Act”should be tightened further. The initiative for pleasure Berlin e.V. had helped their political pressure significantly, that the currently valid law is taken into account also the interests of the smoking population. In its current form, a compromise was reached with the law, which ensures far-reaching freedom of smoke to non-smokers in public life and in the hospitality industry. Guests and hosts despite significant restrictions and losses with the situation have arranged in the hospitality industry.

“Lompscher Senator for health: over 7,000 restaurants are less than 10 percent of smoking pubs.” (Interview with Senator Katrin Lompscher in Die Tageszeitung”by July 21, 2010) To the plans some anti-smoking, now through a people’s initiative further to an absolute smoking ban to strengthen the prohibitions, Ulli Kasiske, host and chair the initiative to benefit from Berlin said: Such efforts we will not tolerate and announce fierce headwind! Berlin already has a smoking ban law that heavily restricts the freedom of choice for guests and hosts. More bans and restrictions are not acceptable. We urge the Berlin population not to support this popular initiative and in this way to show their tolerance for a peaceful coexistence of not smoke ends and smoking a cosmopolitan Berlin. It is time, the sprawling ban practice to halt. Today it is the tobacco, the light bulb, tomorrow there are alcohol, obesity and coffee and the day after tomorrow? “More information: enjoy contact to the initiative for pleasure Berlin e.V.: Thoma Michel, Tel.: (0176) 279-195 30, – Federal Assembly” for enjoyment, freedom, self-determination of Federal Managing Director Detlef Petereit

Thoughts About The World (part 1)

A successful life that is it what ultimately matters most. Often the unessential clouds the sight so, that will see the forest for the trees. While it can everyone see, hear, smell and feel: next to nothing nice, there are pretty cruel on this earth. The challenges are not small. Globalisation brings opportunities and threats – but the size overwhelmed the people too often. And more and more have to share space and facilities.

Many agree: it is (can) does not go on. What is right and important? The answers seem harder and harder to be slain the complexity of increasing globalization and the information avalanche of our times, in which the content packaging, self-interest and self-praise. Sometimes it is but not a great evil, but many details are either wrong, have a half-life of minutes or are simply misguided. However, the fatal because: the minor and stupid clouds the sight so that the forest for the trees is overlooked, with much blah insignificant is kicked wide and past is dabbles in important. While it can everyone see, hear, smell and feel: next to nothing nice, there are pretty cruel on this earth. And cheeky is undisputed: the challenges are not small. Globalisation brings opportunities and threats – but the size overwhelmed the people too often.

And more and more have to share space and facilities. Many agree: it is (can) does not go on. And now? For a better world, we need more (durable) people with their ideas for a better world? Despite the miserable reputation of this nerds? “Because in many places (before) condemned: you do it with wag his finger and exaggerate, are naive or moralistic Pharisees and hypocrites, which lacks objectivity – self-promoter, which accompany their self-interest with know-it-all attitude.” But, what is with the counterparts, the minimalists in respect, appreciation and attention – a mutation Complacency and idiocy – or even the bizarre form of evolution, if realised idiocy of ego and excess intemperance in a person and grow to Exkrementalisten? There is gelarmt that the spoon on the plates dance, pollutes the air – and everything dirty what the nature has to offer, more said no opportunity allowed to to push above, always thought of the own advantage and never, as is conducive to this, taken everything before others have done it (and the crap somewhere dropped). These guys feel strong and sound when they drag others across the table, are masters in the art of deceiving and the double standard, drink wine and leave the water to others, Buck upward step down, aimed their truth (and are always in the right, as long as you are not caught) and slamming when others look the other way or are distracted.

Supervisory Board Chairman

Tegel reasons says shaking demo at the airport Action Alliance Under the airport Tegel tons of unexploded ordnance and live ammunition are. The opinion that is more than 3 years and speaks of an “objective danger situation”. Instead of promptly to eliminate the risk, they decided in Senate and airport company, to lock away the opinion and to ignore the danger. In spite of the discovery of over one tonne of ammunition alone during the construction of the Terminal C “concrete” there is no risk. The Action Alliance wanted this coming Saturday, immediately before the runway, check this statement on their veracity and wobble bring the floor with heavy construction equipment, vibrators and Stampfern. The corresponding “demonstration” was registered for January with the right authority. Michael Paul of the Alliance: “we have decided to cancel the event for safety reasons.

The risk that this explosive material from the second world war brought to the detonation could be us is too high. The current temperatures and the associated ground frost, danger to fire low-level explosives or ammunition, is real.” Paul continues: “In contrast to the Red/Red Senate we recognize our limits and accountability. Not only the traffic safety obligations of the owner, but also the duty of care for the employees shouldn’t seem obvious immediate action. Just imagine, the airport fire brigade raises an emergency unexploded ordnance or must refuse the use in vulnerable areas.” We call on the Senate and the Governing Mayor Wowereit, who is also Supervisory Board Chairman of the airport company, a binding to ensure that the comprehensive ordnance clearing of all unsealed surfaces will immediately started to worry. In addition, the situation shows that the decision of the Senate, to put on a “single airport BBI” alone is incorrect.

Since the legal dispute to the Tempelhof airport still not finished, fortunately the possibility to correct this error. Against the closure of Tempelhof, continue several initiatives including fight a petition in the District of Tempelhof-Schonberg, and with a new referendum for overall Berlin. So far their signature did for the referendum more than 11,000 Berlin. 20,000 are needed. For area citizens desire have been collected so far, 6000, the necessary 7,500 signatures. To achieve this goal are also most this weekend signatures collected. Mainly this is done in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg at the Green Week Berlin at the Funkturm. At the successful completion of the signature collection, it comes for the citizens in Tempelhof-Schoneberg, directly to the referendum. “The Action Alliance hopes that this vote together with the European elections and the Pro-reli referendum” performed.

“Saarlander of the Saarland singer-songwriter Dennis Ebert song anti-Lafontaine-alias Eddie magic finger” has written a song against OskarLafontaine as mining stakeholders and published on the Internet. The premiere of this environmental song already premiered on the bridges vigil of the Igab Saar (community of interest to prevent mining damage) on July 31. “Ebert, at his own social time” for Lafontaine pasted posters, referred to this today as dangerous contemporaries against each other playing people and provoking an escalation. The continuation of the Saarland mining as of Lafontaine in the game–would be a slap in the face of all mining stakeholders, without legal claim”sit on their damage. Estate and Studio of musician cracked a total of 23 metres, a 3-year-old balcony must be torn down, so far 500 compensation were offered him.

This is not an isolated case. Coal continues to enter the port hamlet of Frederick with his expressed intentions” to dismantle, Lafontaine is no policy for all, but policy only for themselves. “Lafontaine operates miners against mining affected, an emotional escalation in the game by he tried answer the voices of the miners – fish”. For the enlightening resistance singer and environmental author Dennis Ebert, one thing is clear: mining in built-up area destroyed under the Earth, above the Earth and in the hearts of the people. And of the present-day Lafontaine can’t get enough apparently. Quo vadis, Oskar? Shame on you! Creamy, 18 August 2009 Internet sources: Chorus + short clip under: watch?