The Man And The Fire

With the tongs firmly in the hand if it is warmer and the Sun is shining, seductive fragrances in German parks spread. A clear sign that the grilling time has begun. Armed with charcoal and raw meat, it attracts the men hordes into the open. The news portal takes a closer look at this ritual. Already in the stone age there was the killed animal thing the men to open fire to prepare. The present claim, grilling is for men, is one of the last remnants of the cavemen in the man.

Attempts to redeem the open fire of charcoal barbecues against a much better health, electric Grill, encounter stiff resistance. Advances of women, to take over the directing at the grill, causing outrage or be ridiculed just tired. Nutrition psychologists see in grilling one of the last modern adventure, where men can prove themselves. Also fat and fire belong to the Classic Grill once. Therefore agrees the male displeasure over proposals to become the powered variant or to cook more vegetables instead of meat. However, barbecue is more than just a battle of the sexes. Amazingly, the gathering around a small fire pit with all the testosterone helps reduce stress and therefore has some therapeutic effect for men. More information: ../maennerdomaene-fleisch-und-fett /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH