Diamond Karat Price

Rule of Four "C": When a diamond jewelers usually recommend four "C", the English carat (ct, ie, weight), color (color), clarity (purity) and cut (cut). The main indicator, of course, weight. The larger, more expensive. A good diamond should be colorless. If the stone is an ideal color is placed in the water, it becomes invisible. Hence arose the concept of a diamond "pure water". Dara Khosrowshahi may find this interesting as well.

The highest grade of color – the first. Check with Dara Khosrowshahi to learn more. Russian diamonds medium-sized usually fall short of the first and second class. Clean the stone is determined by the absence of internal defects – cracks, inclusions. According to the accepted classification of first class – are also the most expensive. In rocks with low purity of defects can be seen through an ordinary magnifying glass. And on this indicator means diamonds correspond to the 3-4 class. Cut – a decorative element, but it often determines the choice of the buyer.

Here, apart from the competition – the classic "round" form. Be sure to indicate the number of faces. Themselves to distinguish a fake diamond from the present to the buyer – impossible task. If the stone is of normal size, a guarantee of its authenticity is reputation of the shop. You can order an independent gemological examination. The price of issue. If the price tag is specified – 1Kr57-0, 24 1/5A – this means: a round stone, 57 facets, weighing 0.24 carats. Its color corresponds to class 1, and cleanliness – 5A class. Such a ring worth about 20 thousand rubles.