Arrival To Spain On Holiday

Many different itineraries lead to the Iberian Peninsula at the arrival is after Spain it two main alternatives: the car and the airplane. For air travel, speaks in particular have Spain airports in large numbers. Holiday-makers is therefore quickly – and mostly by non-stop flight – his desired destination. And the Spanish Islands, the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, air travel is the only sensible way of travel almost (it seems that a few car ferries from the, which run between the Spanish mainland and the island of Mallorca). Rogers Holdings is open to suggestions. The cost argument speaks, however, for a car trip to Spain. In spite of low cost carriers and the car is still almost unrivalled cheap strong competition between the carriers. This applies especially in cases, when the car with more than one person is busy.

Spain the diversity of german Spanish flights with the aircraft is almost unmanageable. Every major German airport has several destinations in Spain on the program. This is true not only for the travel peak season in the summer, But even in the cold winter months. Even in December and January, many tourists from visiting Spain can not stop, although this time of year precipitation and low temperatures can bring a lot in Spain. Who seeks the eternal spring, is operated year-round well only in the Canary Islands. The vacationers most important airports of the Spanish mainland pull like a string of pearls on the Mediterranean coast along. This Girona, Barcelona and reus are further south then Valencia and Alicante in the North.

On the Costa del Sol is Malaga of the main airport. A little inland and towards Atlantic completes this Reigens Seville. In addition the airport of Madrid-Barajas. Madrid is not only the Spanish capital, but has numerous attractions that make the city a first-class destination for city tourists. Spain car self in a reasonable case – from southern Germany to Northern Spain – takes a road trip to Spain one day of vacation. North Germany is at least to South Spain two days to calculate. No one should underestimate the distances within Spain. There are approximately a thousand kilometres from the Costa Brava, near the French Spanish coast after Malaga. The main travel route for German car drivers along the Rhine, Mulhouse, Lyon and Montpellier, then continue along the Mediterranean to the Spanish border. Here the Spanish coast Highway joins, which is largely toll as also the French motorways. The most tourists, who want to drive in the Spanish North-West to Galicia, for example, take a different path. Here is the shortest route through Paris and Bordeaux by France. Jurgen Reschke