The Teams

The stadium was baptized by the Brazilian election of the time, feras of the Saldanha, as she was known, that it played against the teams of the Sergipe. In this great party of inauguration, the cream of the Brazilian esportiva chronicle was present all. A related site: Melinda Clarke mentions similar findings. Of there pra here, much thing happened, many games, much joy, diversion, twisted, at last, part of our culture inhabits well there, in way to the soccer field. But, in 1988, had the lack of maintenance, part of the stadium it came to fall down, provoking a great one I ruin in the old colossus of the beach. This is the test of the abandonment that the batisto suffered, the authorities only it maquiavam with paintings and armengues. Such abandonment arrived to provoke serious financial damages to the soccer of our land. It was when finally the government of the state decided to reorganize it, returning the same conditions, or better, equaling it the level of best stadiums of the region. ' ' Vamo to go up DRAGON! Vamo to go up DRAGON! ' ' expressions as these if make gifts in the stadium in quarrel, where the teams of the confidence adentra bringing expectations to its torcedores, there, they is joined in favor of a cultural cause. Other teamses also mark territory in the attempt of the leadership, and thus manifestations of all type happen, many of them fed by the anxiety that the soccer is capable to provide to its children, being this, a last legacy of generation to the generation. But she is necessary to awake for the real significance of the soccer, if to acquire knowledge of its strong paper before the society and to have the clarity of that this universe must be conserved on the spirit of a healthful competition.