Athenian Government

Preparations the King of Kings started from Sardis in the spring of 480 BC, perhaps mobilizing the most powerful army in the world. Upon landing on Greek land, he ordered build two giant bridges over the Hellespont by where it could spend its massive troops with weapons and baggage. Here we stop a moment to clarify the amount of troops of the same. According to Herodotus (considered the father of history) he does mention an army composed almost six million figure that for a long time was considered truthful. However, current researchers ignored the old calculations and rather believe that you due to the complicated logistics that such number would need (for when they arrived at Thermopylae the last troops, the starting point newly would at the height of Sardis) total bordearia a maximum of 250 thousand Persian, a truly considerable amount for the time. While this It happened on the Persian side, widespread disorganization on the Greeks. Only an Athenian, Themistocles, was able to foresee the catastrophe and asked, once again, that the Athenian Government approve him the construction of a powerful naval fleet, OS pretext of an impending Persian invasion.

As for the Spartans, they were befuddled at the huge number of Persian troops who already were on Greek territory. Discouragement was since giant that had never seen such military force. Xerxes, which began to deploy its army in the field, ordered to create because of food supply in Macedonia and Thrace. The bulk of his troops, by deduction, should settle there, Act that made everyone pose would Gorge known as Thermopylae to Xerxes would step more prompt and fast to go from Thessaly into central Greece. The Persians, advancing smoothly to the North, ravaged throughout Northern Greece although without using much energy on it because they were aware that the main cities were on the Mainland and mainland Greece.