In extreme cases, some cities pass to be governed by tyrants, mainly between century VII and VI B.C. These tyrants, however, generally present themselves more as pacifying arbitrators, limiting to exert it an efficient control on the politics, being looked for to conciliate the interests of the noblemen and the other citizens. Through these governments it was fomented land distribution, the support to small agriculturists and to the commerce, the construction of public works (bridges, ports, aqueducts) and the artistic and religious patronage. But, had the characteristics of the mentality Greek, such tyrants had not obtained to make dynasty; continental Greece and decades after the city-colony, remaining only in the cultural memory as synonymous of violence and disdain of the law had disappeared of. In elapsing of century VI Atenas B.C. was distinguished of the set of the cities Greeks. The economy is become enlarged and formed a solid economic classroom, formed of average peasants who produce for proper consumption and vendem wine, oil, fruits and vegetables.

In the region of the Mediterranean the ceramic industry of Atenas assumes detached place, being carried for a numerous merchant navy. The currency, brother-in-law abundantly, are well accepted, based in the regularity of its weight and the high text of silver. At the same time, the cities Greeks of the Jnia enter in war with the Persian empire, what, for example, it caused the complete destruction of Mileto, in such a way they lose its economic influence in the eastern Mediterranean, that passes to be exerted by Atenas. The social evolution and politics had also folloied the economic transformations. Between 621 and 506 B.C., the laws of Drcon and Slon, the tyranny of Psstrato and its children, the laws of Clstenes, had promoted deep changes in the legal and social land, what it helped to prepare the way for Athenian democracy. The Athenian democracy was the propitious environment for the development of a critical philosophy, come back toward the human subjects.