Decorative Elements

Owners of private plots, trying to decorate your site, often use a variety of decorative elements, or small architectural formyEto sculptures and fountains, rocks and snags, articles made of different materials and lamps. Sculptures made of different materials, it can be rock, metal, wood or trimmed plastic under them. Sculpture of large size or have the most prominent place that focus on them all attention or, conversely, away to beautify the future. Small figurines have in niches or in composites with plants. If the design infield is made in the Mediterranean or southern European style, statuettes of stone or metal is preferable, in bronze. If in Russian, then the tree comes to the fore.

Near children's playgrounds can be placed stone or wooden figures of animals and heroes of fairy tales. Looking out from the reservoir rock turtle or frog amuse any child. Stones that have become popular thanks to the Japanese gardens of rocks and alpine slides, if they choose to become a successful decorative taste element in any garden. Huge mossy boulders, particularly in the vicinity of the pine trees, will give a corner of the garden of mystery in rockeries enhance the beauty of flowers, laid out around the pond will add to the naturalness. Beautiful decorative element of personal plots are containers with flowering plants. This can be a great stone vases, standing on pedestals, on legs or simply on the ground, or group of pots on turn lanes, plastic and wooden boxes or ceramic pots made in the form of animal shapes. Decorative waterfalls and fountains, is a special part of garden design. They can make their own hands, and you can buy ready, the benefit is available now, their great variety, we can only choose. Falls in the composition of garden plants and stones give the illusion of this wild corner of nature. Fountains can be used as separate decorative elements, and in fashion now, the water system, including, ponds, streams, bridges and waterfalls.