David Geffen, founding billonario of Geffen Record and cofounder of DreamWorks. It left the University after studying a year. DeWitt Wallace, founder and to publish of Reader s Digest. The first year left the university, later it returned to try and it left again. Frederick Henry Royce, designer of car, multimillionaire, cofounder of Rolls-Royce. The school never finished. George Eastman, inventive, founding multimillionaire of Kodak.

The school never finished. Henry Ford, Motor founding billonario of Ford Company. He never took care of the university. Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, one of the richest people of the world, dislxico. Isaac Merrit Singer, inventor of the machine to cook, founder of Singer. The school never finished. Jack Crawford Taylor, founder of Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Pilot military in 2a left the University to be World war.

Jay Van Andel, cofounding billonario of Amway. It never went to the University. Jerry Yang, cofounder of Yahoo! left a program of PhD. John D. Rockefeller Mr., founding billonario of Standard Oil. One only left the school 2 months before graduating. Later he took some courses in a school from businesses. Kemmons Wilson, multimillionaire, founder of Holiday Inn. One left the school. Kevin Rose, founder of Digg.com. One left the University during his second year. Michael Dell, founding billonario of Dell Computers, that he developed from his piece in the university. He never finished his university studies. Milton Hershey, founder of Hershey s Milk Chocolate. Education until 4to basic degree. Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald s. The school never finished. Simon Cowell, producer of TV, judge of music, American Idol, The X Factor and Britain s Got Talent. The school never finished. Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple, billonario. It never finished his university studies. Thomas Edison, inventor of the hourglass, phonograph, and much more. Labeled by its professors like " tonto" and educated by its mother in house.

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