Although the current economic situation in Mexico, is quite different from the USA or they have in Europe, there are still many people who do not arrive or do so with difficulties at end of month, and what is more common, very few people manages to save some money when you receive your salary. The reasons can be varied, but all of them are covered under three main groups: those who have expenses that exceed their income, those who have zero or little income and have a mismanagement of their personal finances, which tends to be the most common case. Therefore we will provide five key points to adjust their personal finance, intelligently manage their salary and that you finally get to save. 1 ) Adjust expenses. Whatever our level of income, this is the first step we must take if we really want to achieve save and have financial freedom. To do this we will first do a relationship of all the expenses we have monthly with the quantities that we devote to each. In most cases costs are linked to the style of life is trying to maintain.

The reality is that if those expenses do not match our level of income, that style of life becomes unsustainable. Therefore, in general, many times it is not eliminate or reduce expenses, but change the lifestyle, to accommodate another more humble commensurate with the revenue generated. Make your list and assess each of the expenses with common sense. Then consider whether it is essential to go out to dinner all the weekends, having two vehicles at home, three televisions, pay TV by cable, or live in a big house, for example. With less also can be happy. Leave you a clue: If you can afford it, is because you don’t deserve it. Already will have time to do this if you do things properly as I explain more later.