Perfect Makeup Removal

Who does not know it perfect make-up removal by micro fiber and water? The cleansing or facial tissues are again dried up, eyes burn with the lotion, the pad dripping from all oil. And even if one seems to have painted himself out, finally complete you discovered makeup traces on the pillow in the early morning and am or in the eye. CLINIANS has grappled long time with this problem and found an admirable solution: a microfibre glove. The CLINIANS Microfiber glove allows a quick make-up removal and a deep cleansing of the face: he cleans and make-up – in only 3 minutes! NO use great care and cleaning products. Using water only. If you are not convinced, visit Nathan Gaude.

This exclusive product consists of special micro-fibres, which make a very soft grainy texture. Thanks to this texture, the make-up removing moment becomes a massage experience with peeling-like effect that promotes cell regeneration and prepares the face to the usual daily cosmetic treatment. What is Microfiber? Microfiber refers to a combination of several fine Fibers. These fibers are so thin that one of them weighs only 1 gram at 10 000 metres in length! The diameter of a micro fiber is only a hundredth of the diameter of a human hair, or half of the diameter of a silk thread. Micro fibers have a very soft structure, which at the same time has a huge deflection.

This is due to the tight weave, which is necessary due to the fineness of the fiber. Thanks to its robust structure, micro-fibres have a high abrasion resistance and are therefore ideal for cleaning purposes. The microfibre glove 1 as of applied CLINIANS? The glove wet with lukewarm water and stripes with light circular movements across the face. Bring on eyes and lips. To get the glove clean, SOAP, good scrub and rinse with warm water until all impurities are removed. Then allow to air dry. So the fibers regenerate and the glove stays hygienically clean, it is sufficient to him once a month for 5 minutes in hot Water to dive. The result? It is quickly melted down and at the same time perfectly cleaned every day. CLINIANS Microfiber glove away makeup residues and other impurities in the shortest time. The face is fully cleaned after treatment with this glove and of course radiantly beautiful. CLINIANS microfibre glove now available suitable for approx. 7.00 for all skin types. Ideal for mixed and oily and impure skin. High cosmetic technology: dermatologically tested. Developed to minimize the risk of allergy. Follow us on Facebook!