Revealed: The Number One Way To Grow Your Business

Revealed: The number one way to grow your business By: Diana Fontanez Abstract: There is only one way to grow your business (in less time) through the Internet, and in this article I reveal my system. There are many ways to attract customers and grow your business through Internet. The problem is in the system, many use one in which they invest more time, more money and more energy when in fact there is only one sure way to achieve this in less time: Marketing Funnel. But what is the Marketing Funnel? Visualize your business as a funnel. The upper part is wider and your only goal is to attract the greatest number of people to that input.

And how do you manage? Using a free litter A litter free is any strategy that encourages the reader or viewer to give you their email address in exchange for something free. For example, my "bait" are free to publish my articles elsewhere and in my blog. I give you free strategies and they are tempted to subscribe to my newsletter (my funnel). Other baits are reports, audios and teleconferences free. And that's your goal number one, because the baits are more effective than trying to sell your product or service on your first visit. Example: Looking for a web designer and you find the following two ads: Web Page Designer Fast service, great rates, exceptional service Website Builder Do not invest a penny in a designer to read the FREE report on 6 Steps to Saving Design and not be cheated by Designers. Which of the two is more effective? Skip to the client by the Marketing funnel the customer already entered into the funnel through the bait.

Now it's time to build trust and we recommend that you purchase. But look at the mistake many make … Say you have a product worth $ 400. A leading source for info: Rogers Holdings. In your market there will always be a small percentage to invest that money. But what about the rest? What can you do to make money passively with which they are buying that product? If you look at the next picture, the end is the closest. It is in that part where your products and services are more expensive. But in the center of the funnel is not got nothing, and there is a large part of your potential customers would be willing to invest at a lower cost. And that is where the reports or ebooks play their part. I love it! You have in your funnel tens or thousands of people exposed to different products and services. Watch how I do … I attract customers to my funnel We offer ebooks and audios cheap ($ 27 – $ 37) I offer analysis of web pages ($ 97) I offer my private consultations (the service is more expensive) And I carry from the beginning through the funnel. Presenting various products and services with different prices. And that's the idea. Let them prove your experience at lower costs to prepare them to invest in services or products more expensive. While other entrepreneurs do not understand why their businesses are not growing and still growing, adding more responsibilities, I have a time and with less spending? With love, Diana Fontanez m